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FHL tensynovitis

Posted by Amy on 1/01/05 at 16:55 (166371)

Hi -
After dealing with what I thought was PF for months, the MRI has finally shown fhl tenosynovitis. More specifically, the report states 'while the flexor hallicus longus tendon is inherently normal in appearance, this structure demonstrates moderate tenosynovitis along its course through the hindfoot and the midfoot'. Right now I am doing PT and strengthening excercises - My question is what are the best conservative treatments for this? Can this be kicked without surgery? And how many more months of pain do I have to look forward to? I realize all cases are different and any input would be appreciated. Thanks

Re: FHL tensynovitis

Rueben D. on 1/01/05 at 19:13 (166375)


I too have FHL tenosynovitis and i don't know about you , but i have pain at rest and it is more proumnoiuced upon standing and walking. I have tried all conservaVTIVE MEASURES AND am now contemplating surgery after 14 months of unsuccessful treament. I like you tried therapy, casting,bracing, injections(only 2 no more!!) and different orthotics,accupuncture,vitamins, ultrasound, iontophoresis, strecthing and strenghting seemed to bring oput the pain. I think the thing that helped me most temporaltiy was ART active release therapy done by a chiropractor.

Where are u from? What type of doc did u see? pod or ortho?

I also had an MRI which documented tenosynovits, as well as a EMG which showed some irritation to the post tib nerve whic his in the inner area of the ankle just below the ankle bone. Where is your pain located ? Any burning , tingling, numbness or just localized pain?

Good luck

Re: FHL tensynovitis

Scott R on 1/13/05 at 08:52 (167027)

I had some tendon problems that were finally resolved with constant stretching and massage, and followed by ice if it was vigorous.

Re: FHL tensynovitis

Jennifer J. on 5/19/09 at 10:48 (257610)

Please e-mail me with any information on FHL Tensynovitis and having surgury. At Molsonparkwood at aol.com Thank You Jennifer J.