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Posted by peppie on 1/02/05 at 07:12 (166394)

i have been having problems with my back, and legs, and feet for awhile now. it has gradually gotten worse over the corse of time. i am on my feet for 5-7 hours at work on the weekend and the pain is still there when i go back to school. often it feels like there is a small stone or bubble in the back right side of my heel on my right foot and sometimes the pain around it is so bad that i cant stand to walk on my foot. while i have the most pain in my right foot, both hurt to the point where it is uncomfortable to walk. and sometimes it feels as though the both itch when i walk on them but nothing seems to make it go away. sometimes i get a tingling in my lower back and it seems that when it is cold out side or i have been on my feet for too long my knees also ache. i am only 17. my parents dont really seem to understand how bad it hurts me. i was supposed to see a podiatrist but my mother never made the appointment so i've been toughing it out for awhile now. can anyone give me some suggestions? thank you.

Re: help...

Pat on 1/02/05 at 09:26 (166399)

The pain in your back may be coming from your foot. Sometimes when our feet hurt we walk a little strange or don't put pressure on different parts of our foot (you may not be aware that you're doing this) and after a while our back starts hurting. The left foot may be hurting for the same reason. Toughening it out shouldn't be an option because the longer you let it go the worse it's going to get. You need to c all up a Podiatrist and make an appointment. Ask your mother for the name of the insurance company and the insurance card and call one that takes your insurance. There's no sense being in pain if you don't have to.