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Ketoprofen gel

Posted by Linda V on 1/03/05 at 08:04 (166430)

I read in a local newspaper about someone having this made at a compounding pharmancy for arthritis and having good results with it. I figure it must be a variation of ibuprofen...ever heard of it and could it work as a topical for PF? Thanks..

Re: Ketoprofen gel

Dr. Z on 1/03/05 at 16:25 (166450)

It could work. Very poor for PF

Re: Ketoprofen gel

Kathy G on 1/04/05 at 20:09 (166506)


Over the years I've been coming to the Boards, I've found that most people have little relief from topical agents for PF.

I have heard of it for arthritis, though, and have considered giving it a go. Again, the topicals don't really last very long but I suppose it's better than popping a pill. I fear that my mild pain relievers will become ineffective as I take them over time and my body becomes accustomed to them.

Re: Ketoprofen gel

Linda V on 1/05/05 at 16:39 (166574)

I heard there is a compounding pharmacy in Bedford...maybe they would make some up. You can buy it on the internet, but expensive and not sure of the quality. If I can get some made, I will try it for my Dad with bad arthritis. He can't take anything more than Tylenol or Motrin...sees pink elephants even with Darvon.