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Question for Tina H

Posted by EleanorH on 1/03/05 at 13:03 (166444)

Hi, Tina. I read with interest your progress at 5 months ESWT. I am at 9 weeks and cannot see any real progress. I wear orthodics, I use heat, I don't take anti-inflammatories, and sleep in a night splint. I guess I just want some words of encouragement that says that there's still hope. My doctor is almost 5 hours away from here. I will have to call him again this week to report on my progress. I'd love to hear you say that there's still hope even if I've seen no real progress so far. And--congratulations to you on your success. This website is a Godsend isn't it? Thanks!

Re: Question for Tina H

Tina H on 1/03/05 at 16:27 (166454)

Yes this website is a godsend, that's for sure. Do you not have any improvement at all? I would say at around 9weeks I was slighty better than before ESWT although it was a substantial improvement from just after ESWT. I was one of those few people who went down hill the first few weeks after and then just started gradually getting better. What I found was that the time during the day without pain upon rising just started getting longer and longer. I ceased to have bad morning pain around 6 weeks. It seemed like I first started making it until noon without pain, then gradually later and later. Now I sometimes have no pain at all before bed or if I do it starts late in the day. I am still leary about adding back any weight bearing exercise because I feel like this is a tenuous recovery, like if I over do it at all I'll have pf again in no time. I actually stopped slipping in my night splint. I think it helped at first and I wore it for months but now I find when I wear it I have more pain in the morning. Weird huh? Honestly the most improvement was between 12-16 weeks and I still continued to improve, that's why I'm waiting to add back walking etc. Well this is a long post, hope it gives you help. You may want to call the doctor and see what they think. Maybe you'll need a second round. Good Luck, Tina

Re: Question for Tina H

Lori S. on 1/24/05 at 01:35 (167788)

Hi Tina,

Good to hear you are doing well. I have been good until about a week ago, and now im scared, I have the pain in my left heel again. I am almost afraid to go to the doc, because im afraid he will tell me what I dont want to hear. I was just starting to feel good, able to walk as much as I wanted, and now my left foot,,,,,,, it sucks, anyways, its late, and I need to sleep,