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has anyone killed thereselves bescause of unresolved foot pain?

Posted by mandy on 1/04/05 at 09:17 (166472)

tell me where I go from here? I have had 2 epf surgeries same foot in 7 months. I have had two surgeries for fibroid fatty tissue cysts removed during these 7 months. Now I have a lump on the ball of my foot. the cyst is back that has been removed twice, I have severe pain in the heel and ankle as well. Pain becomes worse after any standing what so ever. Cant stand for a shoe to be on at all. The pain is constant never goes away I'm in tears all the time, don't know what to do. Found a new Dr. I was really confident in, and when I showed up for my appointment yesterday the office was locked up, today the telephone is not answered. What do you do, how do you stop the pain? How much more money and wait another two weeks do I have to go thru?

Re: has anyone killed thereselves bescause of unresolved foot pain?

Pat on 1/04/05 at 10:14 (166479)

I'm wondering where you are from and maybe if there is a Foot and Ankle institute (college) nearby. Why did they do 2 EPF surgeries in the same foot in 7 months. With this kind of surgery (I had it on 11/3) I've been told it takes up to a year to heal so I'm wondering how they knew the first one didn't work. The pain in the heel and ankle may be coming frmo the way you're walking because of the cyst. What happened to the doctor that did the EPF surgery? I'm sorry if I'm asking so many questions but since I had PF I'm becoming obsessed with feet and what can go wrong. You can email me at (email removed) if you want to vent. Believe me, I had the EPF surgery from hell 10 years ago and lots of pain before this surgery (I'm still waiting to see if this surgery worked) so I can sympathize with you.

Re: has anyone killed thereselves bescause of unresolved foot pain?

mandy on 1/04/05 at 10:43 (166482)

I had the 2nd done on oct4, 04. I live in the sticks and very few dr.s available. All I know is the 2nd doctor said the fascia was stretched very tight and is what was causing the pain. I don't know, they released it again, and now my pain is greater than before. No one has answers just running my pocket book dry. It has been a year today since the first surgery and Ive had 4 since. I wouldn't recommend epf surgery to my worse enemy! I did not know there were so many other options then surgery, had I known I would of went that direction. Lesson's learned!

Re: has anyone killed thereselves bescause of unresolved foot pain?

Pat on 1/04/05 at 12:06 (166490)

What were the other 3 surgeries for (you said you had 4). And from reading the boards I know sometimes the fascia doesn't stretch enough after surgery or scar tissue sets in but I can't believe they're doing all this surgery. No wonder you're in pain! It just takes so long for something to heal when it's realted to your foot since it's the only body part you can't really take any pressure off. Maybe you could consider posting a note asking for referrals for the state you live in and go to the nearest big city. It woudl be worth it to find someone that can fix your pain. Where are you located?

Re: has anyone killed thereselves bescause of unresolved foot pain?

Cyndi on 1/04/05 at 18:55 (166503)

Mandy and Pat,

I also cannot wear a shoe any longer. It just drives me nuts and also not even a sock, The sock fibers hurt to bad. But, I have found some relief from a neurosurgeon who is giving me Neurotin for nerve pain now.. I
would never return to a POD, as he hung me out to dry also and took all he could get from my insurance co. The sad thing is I believed he was doing all he could to help me, He was just milking my insurance company for all he could get.

Go to a neurosurgeon for relief, he says no surgery is needed, but I still cannot stand or walk. But I am ok when non weight-bearing.
I hope for you some relief for some rest.