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grant hill slams dr myerson

Posted by BLT on 1/04/05 at 09:43 (166475)

I wondered what people think of this. An athlete slamming a Dr. in public but the Dr is claiming he fixed hill when he didnt

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

john h on 1/04/05 at 11:10 (166485)

Do not know anything about the medical end of this problem but do know Grant Hill has always been a class act among professional athletes. If your doctor screws up your operation do you let the public know? Do not know the answer to that but if the athlete can be proved wrong the doctor can sue him. If the doctor did screw up he will probably keep quiet.

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

Kathy G on 1/04/05 at 20:04 (166505)

Quite interesting. I don't know much about current basketball players but I do know that Grant Hill is greatly respected. As for TO, the very idea that he said that he'd be able to play in the Superbowl with an injury like that was absurd. He has an abrasive manner and is a showboat but he's a good player. Despite that, he's not Superman and no way would he be able to play by early February IF his team makes it that far.

I'm a bit surprised at Hill going public with his criticism but I suppose it would be no different than one of us going public, within our particular realm, if a surgeon messed up a procedure on us. The difference is that most of us don't have the media to complain to.

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

blt on 1/04/05 at 20:17 (166508)

I think what made Hill made was his claim Myerson was saying he was the one that fixed him, when in fact it was the guy down in NC, Dr. Nunley.

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

Dr. Z on 1/04/05 at 21:00 (166510)

It does appear that Grant Hill is correcting the I fixed your foot by Dr. Myerson. I can see there is a double edge sword with doing surgery on premier Sportsman.
I just consulted the heavyweigh boxer Riddick Bowe for Plantar fasciitis. Big guy! big punch! what happens if he doesn't get better?.

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

Kathy G on 1/05/05 at 09:03 (166544)

You're a brave man, Dr. Z! :)

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

John H on 1/05/05 at 11:22 (166554)

I do not know the circumstances of Grant Hill going public but it very well may be he was overheard by a reporter or thought he was talking off the record. The press, as you know have their ways of getting all kinds of information. I think Grant Hill graduated from Duke. A smart guy as was his father who was a big time NFL runner for the Dallas Cowboys.

Re: Riddick Bowe

Rueben D. on 1/05/05 at 16:43 (166575)

Dr Z ,

if you don't help him he's going to have another victory and a 2 second knockout would be added to his career statistitics.

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

Danny DArwin. on 1/05/05 at 16:51 (166576)

Grant Hill is such a class act, and he has truly overcome a major setback. He was not suppose to play basketball again after having 4-5 ankle surgeries. I don't blame him for being bitter and saying what he said publicy. If a 'Foot and Ankle specialst' was giving himself a pat on the back after messing me up I would've reacted the same way and gave credit whre credits due. Myerson just wanted to show off his talent by using a big name sports star , so obviously he benefits from that drawing more patients. Heh if he fixed Hill, owens he can fix me right??????

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

Richard, C.Ped on 1/06/05 at 08:38 (166597)

I don't know about Riddick Bowe. Wasn't he the one that quit the Marine's training at Paris Island (right here in South Carolina) after three days?

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

John H on 1/06/05 at 10:10 (166600)

I think you are right on Riddick. Ah! boot camp. What great memories. KP starting at 4am and ending at 8pm. Pots and pans 2 stories high, the onion room, running through tear gas without a mask, 10 mile hikes with pack, tearing down a Colt 45 and a M-1 and putting them back together, the obstacle course, your foot locker with all toilet articles spread out in precise order that you could never use, spit shined boots and shoes you could see your reflection in. uniforms so starched they would stand up by themselves, snaps between each button on your shirt so the shirt layed flat, being called Jeep when you first arrived by the so called old heads, marching, marching and more marching, a Tactical Instructor you thought was an escaped Nazi, learning to make a bed hospital style that you could bounce a quarter off of, confined to the base for 3 months and no girls, the hot hot San Antonio summer, chipped beef and gravy for breakfast, weighing 140 lbs with a 29' waist and zero fat, learning the meaning of working together and memories that will last a lifetime. Richard, I bet you thought us Air Force guys all wore silk scarfs, leather jackets and dated the fine ladies and hung out at the Officers Club. Actually we did. Hasta la vista Richard! I will be back.

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

Richard, C.Ped on 1/06/05 at 13:30 (166605)

No No John, not at all. I have the highest respect for all military personnel. I have not experienced it, but I know very many who have.

Salutes John H.~

Re: In addition.....

Richard, C.Ped on 1/06/05 at 13:32 (166606)

I meant to put that I do have much more respect for someone in the military than an overpaid kid in professional sports.

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

Ed Davis, DPM on 1/08/05 at 21:22 (166741)

Dr. Z :

You are quite right about the 'double edge sword.' Doing surgery on big name athletes is considered to be a major form of marketing for a number of orthopods. Many people assume that those who operate frequently on high profile athletes with much publicity are the 'best.' I have seen all too frequently, such athletes leave the publicity seeking doc to find a highly talented but 'quiet' doc who gets the job done. That being said, Mark Myerson, MD does have a good reputation.

Re: In addition.....

Ed Davis, DPM on 1/08/05 at 21:24 (166747)

I will 'second' that!

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

Jay G. on 6/07/05 at 15:09 (176246)

Dr. Meyerson is a world renowned surgeon, and people go to him from all over the world. His credentials are impeccable, and he has been performing foot and ankle surgery for many years, and has an extensive amount of experience. Just google his name, and you will see....

We do not know what post operative instructions were given to Mr. Hill after his surgery. Many athletes ignore their surgeon's instructions, and many do not. If Mr. Hill did 'slam' Dr. Meyerson, it was inappropriate, but again, we were not in the operating room, or in the doctor's office for his post-op visit.

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

Ev M. on 7/05/05 at 13:34 (177872)

I second that!

Re: grant hill slams dr myerson

Jamie G. on 9/13/05 at 11:21 (182846)

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Myerson two months ago. He repaired my mother's left foot. She had something much worse than Grant Hill, and although she is not a professional athlete, she can now walk. She was not able to walk at all, and now, she is walking again, after an extensive 4 hour surgery. If anyone slams Dr. Myerson, they are crazy! He is a world renowned surgeon, who is the most brilliant and professional surgeon there is. People come from all over the world to see him. Perhaps Grant Hill got back out on the court too soon, who knows, who cares, but there is no reason to ever slam Dr. Myerson, but he is an unbelievable man. For those of you out there who know nothing about him, 'Google' his name....