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I'm much improved after ESWT

Posted by Kathie R on 1/05/05 at 21:58 (166590)

I haven't been back to these message boards for almost two years, but my husband is now suffering with PF, so I introduced him to it! We were living in Germany 2 years ago, and I was able to get ESWF (Ossatron) at an orthapedic clinic there. It took several weeks before I noticed any improvement, but I would say I'm about 85% better than I was! That and wearing Birkenstocks has been the only thing that worked for me, after years of suffering and tediously icing, stretching, etc. So keep your chins up! It can happen for you, too. Unfortunately, we live in Hawaii, where there is no ultrasound, so my husband'll probably have to go to Canada to get the treatments.

Re: I'm much improved after ESWT

Dr. Z on 1/05/05 at 22:55 (166591)


Glad ESWT helped you . Did you have the treatment with a local anesthetic? Was it one treatment?