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Tinel's Sign

Posted by Mike on 1/06/05 at 00:31 (166593)

I have positive Tinel's sign in both ankles but I also have a similar effect (electric/tingling feeling) when tapping above my ankles and my lower shins although not quite as intense.

Anyone else have this?

Re: Tinel's Sign

skully on 1/11/05 at 16:58 (166912)

Mike, for what it is worth - I had abnormal x-rays, mri and nerve conduction tests showing very abnormal results- I only have a positive tinel's sign there on the inside of my ankle - but when someone taps there, the area acts us - my whole foot goes numb and then it starts hurting. My doctor doesn't even do this anymore after the last time I could not walk for a week.

I think - but I'm not a doctor- that to be considered a positive tinel's sign - it has to be in that particular spot.

Also, I understand that after TTS, you will have a very positive tinel's sign for a long time after the area heals.