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Inexpensive Orthodic Recommendation

Posted by EleanorH on 1/06/05 at 13:27 (166604)

I visit this site everyday -- have tried everything to find some comfort and ease of pain. Ben Lee posted the link below on the ESWT message board so I figured I'd give the Two-Ounce Miracle a try. I found mine at the local CVS store. They cost $9 and are worth ten times that much! I've put them on top of my custom made orthodics because my custom made ones are so rigid. What a difference! I had ESWT 2 1/2 months ago and was ready to call it quits but since I started wearing the two-ounce miracles, I'm finally getting some relief to my pain.

Re: Inexpensive Orthodic Recommendation

Pat on 1/06/05 at 14:44 (166607)

I'll have to look into that - I also have rigid orthodics and will need to get new ones since I just had EPF on 11/3 and will need orthodics. My old ones were so hard and just uncomfortable. The problem is it's hard to find a shoe that will accomodate the orthodic and anything else. What exactly is the Two Ounce Miracle and what type of shoes can you fit all this stuff in? LOL!

Re: Inexpensive Orthodic Recommendation

EleanorH on 1/07/05 at 07:59 (166629)

Pat -- shoes are definitely a problem. I've been wearing New Balance 608's for a while. With those, there's no problem. Also -- the Lands End moc's work (I found those at Sears) if you take their insole out. The Two Ounce Miracle is pretty thin -- it's made of memory foam so it squishes down when you put on your shoe. My rigid orthodics are very uncomfortable too but the combination seems to be working. I think fashionable shoes are out for us for a while huh?

Re: Inexpensive Orthodic Recommendation

BenLee on 1/07/05 at 13:41 (166648)

These are by far the best inserts you can get IMO. I recommend you get a shoe where you can take the insole out. Then, I would place a Dr Scholl's or a generic brand air cushion in. Then, slip the Mircal 2 oz insert into your shoe. They should fit niceley. You might have to get a shoe size a little bigger than you are accustomed to if you use an air cushion insert but it's definitely worth it for the extra cusioning. It's like you are always walking on a carpet. I'm sure we all get that feeling of relief when we step off the hard floor onto the carpet with our bad feet.

Re: Inexpensive Orthodic Recommendation - EleanorH

Pat on 1/07/05 at 19:21 (166672)

Hi, I actually found the Two Ounce Miracle Today at Super Walmart - it was $4.96. Haven't had time to try it but I'll let you know how I find them. I figure for $5 what do I have to lose. Fashionable shoes are out for me FOREVER! LOL! I actually have other things going on with my balance and neurological stuff and all so it would be hard to even try to go back to my old shoes. But I have this wonderful pair of shoes with a 3 inch heel that I use to wear when I went out years ago and every now and then I take them out of the box and think 'Well, at least I was hot at one time!' LOL!