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New Catalog

Posted by Dorothy on 1/06/05 at 18:27 (166614)

Hello all -

Maybe others have received theirs as well, but the latest Footsmart catalog arrived in today's mail. I skimmed through it and noticed that they are carrying those HTP heel cups that several people here have written about. They are also carrying a new (new to me anyway) design of 'splint' - not a rigid one and not the other softer one (sorry I can't think of the names of these...). Thought that perhaps some of you would want to check the products out. The online Footsmart is http://www.footsmart.com or you can request their catalog. It's a nice company, I think.

This is just for your information. I have not tried those products myself.

Re: New Catalog

John H on 1/07/05 at 14:55 (166658)

Dorothy: I have a pair o HTP heel cups that I will be glad to send you for free. I do not know what size they are but I wear a 10 shoe. I purchased them through Footsmart. Just email me your address and they will be on the way. I think they must come in small,med,large??

Re: New Catalog

Dorothy on 1/07/05 at 16:20 (166660)

Thanks for the offer, John H. but I was not interested in this product for myself. I was simply alerting people here who have expressed interest in them that you can purchase them at footsmart.com. I didn't know they carried them and thought that the only source for them was directly from the HTP website that another poster had placed here in the past. As I said, it was just a point of information for others, not something I was looking for.
I don't know what a Men's Size 10 would translate to for a woman's shoe size, but I recall from the long-ago past that there is a 2-number difference which would mean that a man's size 10 would be a woman's size 8..but I am NOT sure about that!
I take it that you did not like your HTP heel cups?? I looked at the picture of them in that catalog and they looked a little 'aggressive' to me, but I have never tried them.

Re: New Catalog

john h on 1/08/05 at 10:30 (166702)

Like so many other such products they did no help and were not comfortable for me Dorothy. Anyone else want these HTP heelcups just let me know and I will send them to you for free. I can wear a size 10-11 shoe but I think these come in small med large.