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Dunham shoes by New Balance

Posted by Nancy D on 1/06/05 at 19:15 (166620)

Has anyone here tried Dunham shoes? They're made by New Balance and have the same features (Abzorb, Rollbar) as New Balance sneakers do, but they come in more styles. If anyone has any Dunham reviews, positive or negative, please share! Thanks.

Re: Dunham shoes by New Balance

Pat on 1/06/05 at 20:11 (166622)

I just bought a pair of these because they were on clearance on the NBWebExpress website - something about a sizing problem or something like that (you had to order the next widest size). I have really worn then (I just had surgery 11/3 and I'm lucky I can even wear a sneaker never mind a shoe) but they look like they're well made. I only paid $10 for them on that website but I really don't think they'd be comfortable enough for me since they didn't see to have much support and they weren't deep enough where I could put an orthodic in.

Re: Dunham shoes by New Balance

Monte on 1/07/05 at 09:40 (166631)

Hi Nancy
I have worn Dunham shoes. I find them to be comfortable...or at least as comfortable as my feet can be.

They are good shoes. I even bought my wife a pair. Her feet have no issues....but I just wanted her to try tham and she loved them.

Zappos.com has some on their site.