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an end to PF

Posted by Steve S. on 1/07/05 at 21:37 (166682)

This may be premature, but I think I have recovered from a 2 year bout of PF, and am back playing a shuffling form of tennis and soccer, cycling and surfing. This is a far cry from my previous state: unable to stand for more than a few minutes, or to walk longer than a few hundred metres. I believe the reasons for my recovery may help some of you out there...
1. prolonged calf and achilles stretching on a slant board (5 minutes, twice a day), plus stretching other muscle groups.
2. lots of massage and rolling a golf ball under my feet (30 minutes at a time, twice a day). I also found going to a spa pool and letting the jets massage my feet worked a treat.
3. wearing a gastroc sock at night.
4. beach walking (after walking oddly for 2 years, the joints in my feet had stiffened up, and walking on the sand got things moving again).
5. snow skiing, which involves lots of work by the small muscles in your feet. After some initial pain, skiing strengthened my feet, and made me realise I wasn't a total cripple. I was quite amazed - prior to going skiing, the longest I could stand up would be around 5-10 minutes. Miraculously, I could ski for 6-7 hours without pain.
6. a good orthotist who I saw for a number of adjustments, and who gave me reason to believe I would get better.
7. an MRI, which showed that my PF had healed up, and all I had to do was address the chronic pain and joint stiffness (see 4 and 5 above).
8. staying fit in the pool and at the gym helped keep me calm.
9. a very gradual return to weight-bearing activity (other than skiing).
10. treating recovery like a part-time job. I spent 3-4 hours a day on massage, icing, stretching, swimming, etc. Very boring, but I couldn't figure out any other way.

Re: an end to PF

Kathy G on 1/10/05 at 08:54 (166835)


What pleasant news! And you're so right. The idea of treating your recovery as a job is a good one.

John h, who is a frequent poster, has long said that one has to be careful to keep one's joints from atrophying while in the recovery phase. I have just started to ride a recumbent bicycle on those 'good foot' days when it's too cold or icy to walk outside. I can't believe how out of shape I am!

Hope you continue with your progress. Wow - to be able to ski that long! Good for you!