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TTS surgery

Posted by Barbara on 1/08/05 at 23:22 (166761)

Hello, I am a 67 year old female, overweight, but was very active before my bout with TTS. After four years of pain and five doctors, I was finally diagnosed with TTS. My podiatrist suggested custom made orthitics at $250 a clip, had an MIR nerve conduction test,was seen by an orthopedic genius? and finally was diagnosed with TTS! The original podiatrist/foot surgeon operated on both feet on June 11, 2003. After the surgery, he said he would guarantee me that I would feel like a new woman very shortly! After 7 months,I can't say that I feel anything close to 100%. I must say I experience less pain but am so very disappointed after being laid up and having such high hopes. My last visit to him felt like he couldn't understand why I was still experiencing such pain. He tells my I have 'a real killer arch' and told me to buy elastic stockings ($40.00) and to take 'Mobic' for the swelling over the ankle. I did both things without any relief.My husband is ready to throttle him and than me! I walk like I am drunk, and have spent hundreds on shoes to no avail. Last words the DPM said,'It may take up to a year'. Please comment. I am desparate!! Thanks.