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Dr Ed, from the other message board (Re capsulitis)

Posted by Susan on 1/09/05 at 01:15 (166764)

Ed thank you very much for your reply. I did actually post on the 'Ask the Doctors' board, but never got a response. I was beginning to think this might be a fairly rare condition. I appreciate your reply.

1-I'm not sure how I got this condition. All I really know is that it started about two years ago. I do exercise a lot, but have been for many many years.

2-I've seen a couple podiatirst. Pod #1 said it was neuromas and fitted me with custom orthodics. After several attemps and adjustments that failed to relieve any pain/burning, I went to another podiatrist recently.

3-Podiatrist #2 says it's capsulitis. He did an ultrasound. He saw inflamation around the 2nd met head (mainly where it hurts). He said he didn't see a neuroma, his dx was capsulitis.

4-I had a bone scan, negative for stress fractures.

5-Custom orthodics don't seem to help, in fact seem to make my foot hurt more, esp with walking. Soaking in cold water and pain relievers seem to help the best, but I can't do this for the rest of my life. Popping Advil all day I'm sure will not help out in the long run.

My question, after reading your reply, it seems that orthodics should be helpful, as you indicated that the first met head isn't bearing it's share of the weight. Do you think I should attempt another try at custom orthodics? Is a metatarsal bar different than custom orthodics?