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TO:Ed Davis DPM &others

Posted by Kim on 1/09/05 at 08:01 (166766)

After 4 months post op from tss & deep peroneal nerve release
was getting pretty discouraged then had my apptointment with the pain clinic. GOOD NEWS! They started me on Neurontin What a relief!!! that has stopped the pain of many needles in the feet, also will start amitritpline on my next weekend off. Then on Friday they injected the left foot with some medicine to help numb up the area in the scar & around the scar,come to find out the pain I have been having is from scar neuromas. The medicine they put at the top of the foot 90% better, none on the tss area,but i go back on the 18th ,I will tell you the heavy feeling i was having before is now like 50% gone for 2 days now. What a relief.