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Hell spur

Posted by DaveTheMailman on 1/09/05 at 12:47 (166786)

I inadvertently typed in hell spur instead of heel spur.. may be a freudian slip but how true.....I can't thank Scott enough for this website and all of you who left messages... I am a mailman for the past 35 years and due for retirement in 12 months... I was off for 30 days due to pain and tried to go back to work on Dec28... this has been a problem for the past 6 months! Tried almost everything..... next step was fascia release surgery...after going back on the 28th..pain was excruciating... I called my Dr. to schedule the surgery and luckliy I got his answering machine.. started to search the web and came acroos this website... I was told early on to use ice and I did kind of half way.. when I read the postings about heavy use of ice and to be consistent.. I figured I will try it again... I use a night splint at bedtime.. ice in the am about 5 min and when I get home ice on and off for about 1 to 2 hour.. 10-15 on 10-15 off... also stretch in the am and pm. The pain has been cut by 75%!!! I can work again! I still get a little more pain by the end of my shift but I can bear it... just hoping to get to the point where it hopefully will dissapear.If you are also suffering with this problem... try ice and be CONSISTANT! I use a 20oz plastic bottle filled with water and frozen.. I put a towel on the floor and watch a movie or tv and just roll it back on fourth instep to heel and then hold it a litte bit right in the most painful area. Best of luck.... Thank you. DaveTheMailman

Re: Hell spur

marie on 1/09/05 at 13:36 (166789)

Great news!

Re: Hell spur

Kathy G on 1/10/05 at 08:44 (166833)


Good for you! May you walk into retirement with pain-free feet! And what good tips for all who suffer from PF. I kind of like the term, 'Hell spurs.' :)