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EPF preventive messures

Posted by Ejack on 1/10/05 at 16:53 (166860)

I have done virtually everything to fix my PF, except physical therapy. I am thin, 23 and in a lot of pain. The ESWT failed. I am having two EPF procedures soon at separate times in Febuary and in March for both feet. I think it doubtful that the EPF will work when the ESTW didn't. I know this is my last chance--this is very important that I do this right--is there any preventive messures I can take to ensure the EPF works? Extra stretching, vitamins, or anything?

Re: EPF preventive messures

Pat on 1/10/05 at 18:20 (166868)

If I were you I would definitely try the physical therapy before you get the procedures done. If nothing else it will help you strengthen your legs and feet to heal better when you do get them done. Personally, I would not have the two procedures so close together. Believe me, I have had EPF (in fact the first one might have been the old way) on both feet, 10 years apart, and I cannot imagine having had them done close together. The first time I was younger (43), thinner and great shape but during the surgery they cut a nerve and it was a painful year long recuperation with tons of physical therapy and everything else you can imagine. This time I was older (53), not in great shape and fat and the surgery actually went better. I had it on 11/3 and I'm still having pain. It's not excruitating or anything but the first two months I could barely walk around the store without crying. I'm just curious why you didn't try physical therapy, how long you had it and why the doctor is operating on both feet so close together?

Re: EPF preventive messures

Mike W on 1/11/05 at 09:18 (166882)

Hello Ejack,

You need to address the cause of PF. Most PF treatments do not.

You should check ou my website http://www.foottrainer.com to learn exercises that will address the underlying cause and prevent PF from coming back. There is also info on the common exercises that are incorrect.


Mike Wilmot

Re: EPF preventive messures

Ejack on 1/11/05 at 13:48 (166903)

I think the reason my doctor has not suggested doing PT is because I am extremely flexible already, my calves are never tight, and I have no pain in the morning(the only time I am painfree), just burning sensations after about 15 mins of being on my feet, and then throughout the day. Personally I think that I just have some sort of weird inflammation problem or immune disease that refuses to heal my PF. Thank you for your suggestions--I will definately consider spreading out the surgeries. I probably will call a PT and go to see if the burning decreases. I am actually afraid to see a PT because I know some of the exercises are wieght barring.