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Post Surgey Tarsal tunnel

Posted by Pango on 1/10/05 at 22:33 (166876)

I had TTS on Dec,29,2004, Had my stitches removed jan 10th, I noticed I have lost all the feeling in my heel,I had feeling in my heel before the surgery, Has anyone else lost sensation in heel or other area's? Is this normal?

Re: Post Surgey Tarsal tunnel

stephanie on 1/11/05 at 10:26 (166893)

I had the same surgery on Dec 27th but I do not get the stitches taken out till Jan 18th and must use a walker to get around and can not drive for 4 weeks. I am not allowed to flex, point or roll my ankle till the stitches are out. I have numbness below my big toe only and swelling in all my toes and ankle. I go for a follow up appt today to discuss this. Are you walking by yourself or are you using crutches or a walker?

Re: Post Surgey Tarsal tunnel

Sharon Brown on 1/12/05 at 22:48 (167017)

I had the surgery for Tarsal Tunnel on December 22, 2004. I was treated as an outpatient and sent home with a half cast (only had the surgery done on the left foot) which covered the bottom of my foor and went up the back of my leg to just about at knee level. I went home with a drain tub which I had to replace when they got 3/4 full. Not too hard to do. I asked my Doctor before the surgery if i would need crutches and he said no. LIE!! But so far things went well. He also said I would need to be off work for about 10 days. Keep my leg propped up on 2 pillows and stay in bed and just be lazy. I went in for first post visit on December 27, 2004 and saw an associate of my Doctor (he was on vacation to CANCOON.) They took out the drain wich was not plasent. It felt like he was pulling somithing from the width of my foot. I got a little nausous, which I never do. The next visit was 7 days later on January 3, 2005. I was supposed to go back to work that day. He wanted me to take another week off and keep my foot elevated. So I did, with out pay. I drive a passenger van for a local service for senior's and the disabled. When I went to my last visit on January 10, 2005, he took out the stitches and cleaned it up. Told me to come back on the 31st and I went back to work. No problem getting up into the van or driving. I have to keep the bandage and wrap on for about 3 more days, then I can wear an elastic brace or use ACE bandage around my ankle. Will let you know what happens when the 31st gets here. I still need to have surgery done on my right foot so that will come later. Since I have to drive, I may have to take an extra week off to be sure I can drive without hurting my foot. So far I have had a great experiance with my surgery. I hope your's goes well also. The key is to stay off your feet and prop up your leg.

Re: Post Surgey Tarsal tunnel

stephanie on 1/13/05 at 17:25 (167071)

I didn't have a drain in my foot for TTR surgery. That is wierd. I have been elevating when I am sitting which is most of the day. My surgery was Dec 27th and on Jan 4th the large bandage was taken off and an ace wrap was given. My leg from knee down was very cold. I always have cold feet and hands, so I didn't think much of it. I went back on Jan 11th and once the doctor felt my leg coldness and not much of a pulse, he immediately called a vascular doctor which admitted me to the hospital. They were thinking I had a blockage in my leg from the tunicate. I was scheduled for a Angiogram in the morning but once the doctors came in to see me again, my leg warmed up and the pulse was there, so they cancelled that test and sent me for a MRA and that was normal, so I got to go home. They think I may have had a blockage and it brokeup on its own within that day. Very unusual thing to happen the docs said but I need to keep an eye for anymore coldness. Anyways, Im 2 weeks 2 days post surgery and still using walker to get around. I can not drive for 2 more weeks and the stitches will be taken out in 1 week. I can not put pressure on my toes yet, so I walk flat footed. Incision is looking good but have some numbness on one side of the incision, soreness down the arch and numbness below my big toe. Where are you located and what type of doctor did your surgery? Im located in Northern VA and had my surgery done by Neurologist/Plastic surgeon that specializes in Nerve problems. Email me at (email removed)

Re: Post Surgey Tarsal tunnel

skully on 1/13/05 at 23:56 (167099)

You're lucky that clot didn't cause you to have a stroke or heart attack.

Re: had surgery on the 28th, and this was one of the

Buck on 1/14/05 at 09:02 (167125)

possibilities my Doc mentioned. He said the numb area is sometimes the size of a quarter and gradually decreases or goes away. As they do one of the releases, it is difficult not to impact the nerves near for the heel.

I have not noticed this in my foot though.

Re: had surgery on the 28th, and this was one of the

stephanie on 1/26/05 at 20:28 (168011)

I have numbness at the bottom of my incision which is inside of Right heal. Its the size of a quarter and Im also numb at the ball of my foot, below the big toe size of quarter. I had TTS surgery 4 weeks ago and just got the stitches out yesterday. Today was the 1st day I drove my car, which hurt some. I also wore a closed shoe today and it was too tight even with the laces loose.