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Great shoe find...for my feet at least

Posted by Vickij on 1/11/05 at 10:06 (166889)

Came back to share my new find:
Keen shoes.
Yes, they are very funky but the Boston style 'oxford' is the best fitting shoe I have found for my feet (high arches) in a very long time.

Also, my feet like the not so funky Wolky ankle-high boot.

I can actually go grocery shopping, etc and not be crippled up at the end of the day in these shoes.

In the interest of clarification I guess I should share a bit about my PF experience. No, I'm not a convert of orthotics since I have spent more than 5 years trying to get the right fit via 3 different podiatrists...I'm one of those people with chronic problems, but I do use them in my Red Wing boots and it helps me stay in the garden longer. ESWT helped a lot but as I posted a few months ago it seems like I need to have it done again. I 'rotate treads' from day to day, sometimes in the same day, between Birks, Dansko clogs, Merrills and Blundstone boots that will accomodate my prescripton orthotics, the Wolky's and now the Keens. When I have to go into the city I carry a back pack with a pair of shoes so I can change if I need to along with a tennis ball so I can massage my feet if necessary (the beautiful reading room in the NYC public library on 5th avenue is a great place to hide while doing this)

I also tried on the Keen Bronx style...a leather version of a high top sneaker and it felt great as well and I assume it would give me the same foot/arch support as the Boston. I couldn't afford to buy 2 pairs in the same pay period but I will go back for them as I seem to benefit a great deal from ankle support (as in the Red Wing Boots, Blundstones and Wolky's) I'm very tempted to get a second pair of the Boston's just in case they discontinue it or something.

They also make a 'mary jane' style that is still funky but a school teacher on the Zappos site says she loves them. You can see lots of customer reviews of the Keen shoes there.

Anyway, that's my bit of news on the shoe front for those who have hundreds invested like I do and still have to search and search.

Re: I should have included this...

Vickij on 1/11/05 at 10:14 (166892)

I do not wear my orthotics in the Keens or the Wolky's. I do not need to, the arch support and other support is sufficient/terrific so I do not need to.

Wearing my orthotics everyday in the same or different shoes did not work for me. Trust me, I've tested those orthotics every which way and have had them adjusted, had my feet recast, new orthtics made, etc etc etc etc etc more times than I care to remember. Rotating shoes, as I said in my first post, is the best prescription, so far, for me. It has kept me mobile the last couple of years.

Swimming is my physical and emotional outlet/salvation once I had to stop walking for my exercise.