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foot pain

Posted by Syndi on 1/11/05 at 13:08 (166900)

Hello, I am a 41 year old female. I recently had a baby last March and four weeks after her birth I began having pain in my feet. It is worse in the mornings when I first get up but then slightly goes away after movement. I have hardwood floors in the entire house and I also took up walking tip toe in the house when the baby was sleeping. I have been to several doctors and none of them have been able to figure out what is causing the pain other than some joint inflamation. I did some research on Planta fasciilitis and I am almost sure this is what I have. I wear orthotics all day and take an anitiflamitory, but nothing seems to help with the pain. could you please give me some advice.

Re: foot pain

Syndi on 1/11/05 at 13:19 (166901)

Oh one more thing. Can I apply heat to my feet?

Re: foot pain

Pilar L on 1/11/05 at 16:14 (166910)

The symptoms you describe are of Achilles tendinitis. Sorry, but I do not know of any cure.


Re: foot pain

Dorothy on 1/11/05 at 17:56 (166916)

I'm not a doctor, but I think your symptoms do not sound as much like Achilles Tendinitis (tendonitis),which I deal with myself, but do sound more like the Plantar Fasciitis (PF), which I also deal with, that your research led you to think. Have you read 'the book' on this website? If you scroll down the page, you will see the link for it. It is usually the first recommendation to anyone visiting this site and may give you more information while you are waiting for a doctor to respond to you. Best wishes to you ~

Re: foot pain

Dorothy on 1/11/05 at 18:08 (166917)

Pilar ~

If you don't mind my asking, are you a doctor? If so, I hope you will identify yourself as such: I am sure that all here would be glad to welcome another doctor. If not, then it would also be helpful if you were to say that as well. If you are not, then to say to someone with authority, 'The symptoms you describe are of ....' can be very misleading. You are, in effect, diagnosing with those words. Likewise, to say 'sorry, but I do not know of any cure' can be taken to mean that there is no cure - if one is a doctor speaking. In the case of Achilles tendinitis, that may not necessarily be so.
Last point is that I didn't read anything in the original poster's post that would lead to a diagnosis of Achilles Tendinitis, but maybe I overlooked or misunderstood something. I am NOT a doctor, but I do have personal experience of both Achilles Tendon/tendinitis and PF.
I feel that I often get misinterpreted here, so let me try to say that I feel sure you were only trying to help that poster, whether you are or are not a doctor. If you are not, however, when a poster posts on 'Ask the Foot Doctors', it is a good idea to say if you are or are not a doctor when posting a response - just for clarification purposes; otherwise, it is logical to assume that a response is coming from a doctor - which you may be!

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Re: foot pain

Syndi on 1/11/05 at 18:51 (166920)

Ok now I am confused. I read the symptoms on PF and it does sound alot like that. Has anyone else ever experienced this right after pregnancy. And do you think that maybe a rocking chair might have contributed to the problem? I mean with the motion of the foot rocking the chair itself. Strechting does help relieve the pain. I treid it today and it seemed to help.

Re: foot pain

Pilar L on 1/14/05 at 05:21 (167110)

Dear Dorothy,

I am not a doctor, otherwise I would write 'Dr' before my name. However, I have noticed that sufferers do answer in this message board. Maybe we should have a board called 'Ask Other Sufferers'. I have suffered Achilles Tendinitis in the past and now I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis.

If you read my words carefully it is very difficult to interpret them in the way you did (perhaps it is a cultural clash, since English is not my first language). I am stating that those are symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis. I am not saying 'You have AT', i.e. I'm not making a diagnosis. No one, not even a doctor, can diagnose anyone through the Internet. If you look up in the Merck Manual (and I hope you do give it some credibility) 'Achilles Tendinitis' you will read 'Pain is greater when the patient gets up in the morning and often feels better with continued walking (as the tendon moves more freely inside the paratenon)'. On the other hand, Plantar Fasciitis tends to get worse as the patient walks during the day. Achilles Tendinitis can lead to Plantar Fasciitis. After suffering from both these conditions for 16 years I have done extensive research about it in the internet and through medical manuals, I have visited countless specialists and have had endless treatments. I have not yet found a cure.

My intention when I posted that message was to be helpful and to prompt Syndi to look into the possibility of Achilles Tendinitis. My message was short because it is up to her to research this area and see if her symptoms coincide with AT. In fact, if at the moment it is only Achilles Tendinitis (and I still believe that this is possibly the case) then, with good treatment, such as stretching exercises and plenty of rest, it may never turn into Plantar Fasciitis.

I am sure that Syndi is quite able to stand up for herself and it is up to her to write to me if she wants to ask me the reason for my reply.

Regards, Pilar

Re: foot pain

Julie on 1/14/05 at 10:05 (167128)

Syndi, I hope I'm not adding to your confusion when I point out that you did not give nearly enough information about your symptoms to enable one of the doctors to help you. You say you have 'pain in your feet'. The foot is an immensely complex organism, so that statement doesn't tell us very much. Where, exactly, is your pain? Is it in your heel(s)? If so, on the inside or outside? Or is it elsewhere: in your arch(es), ball(s) of the feet? Where? You certainly didn't say enough to suggest a diagnosis of Achilles Tendinitis.

First-thing-in-the-morning pain is certainly a classic symptom of plantar fasciitis. But please don't try to self-diagnose. Study the heel pain book, as Dorothy suggested (click on the link right here). It will give you a lot of information on PF and other aspects of foot pain. Then repost your question, being more specific about your pain.

One thing did occur to me. As your symptoms started soon after you gave birth, there could be a possible connection with your hormonal system. As I'm sure you know, the body produces extra hormones during pregnancy to loosen the ligaments in the pelvic floor in order to ease birth. But the hormones aren't choosy: they loosen ALL the body's ligaments. That, plus the weight you gained in pregnancy, could have overstretched the ligaments in your feet. But that is just a suggestion.

So given the possibility of a connection, I would suggest that you see your doctor. He may want to send you for tests to rule out that possibility, or some other systemic condition. If those possibilities are ruled out, the next step would be to see a podiatrist for a full evaluation of your feet, a diagnosis of the cause of the problem, and a treatment plan that targets the cause.

I am not a doctor.

Re: foot pain

Syndi on 1/15/05 at 01:23 (167223)

Well Julie it is hard to be specific about where the pain is because it is not in just one spot. The pain is in both feet and yes I have read the book, and yes one doctor thought it might be hormonal and clear up, and another doctor thought it could be arthritis and is waiting to see what will happen in time. I have been to a Chiropodist and she fitted me for orthotics, which haven't helped at all. I did speak to cory at the ESWT center in Toronto and she advised that I go for a Soft tissue ultra sound to be sure. Maybe I haven't been very specific in the beginning but , like I said it is really hard to pin point where the pain is. I wish that I could say that the pain is in my heel or up by my toes, Sorry

Re: foot pain

Julie on 1/15/05 at 03:54 (167228)

Syndi, I suggest that you reform and repost your question, starting another thread. I think it would be useful for you to get a response from one of the doctors, but they may not have seen your post at the top of this thread (and probably wouldn't have known what to say, as you gave so little information).

You do need to be more specific. Your pain must be somewhere, unless it is everywhere. If it moves around from place to place and from time to time, that could be significant. For the next couple of days, really pay attention to your feet and see if you become more aware of the pain and its location(s). See if you can recognise where it is, when it comes and goes, and any other of its characteristics. Then see if you can describe it. Then you might get a more considered response.

Your hardwood floors aren't helping, but you can moderate the effects of them by wearing good, supportive shoes around the house. I'm sure you aren't walking barefoot on those hard floors, are you?

Re: foot pain - ps

Julie on 1/15/05 at 03:57 (167229)

You asked about applying heat. If this is an inflammatory condition, it might be better not to. But I can't say for sure, as we don't know what it is.

What I don't understand is why, since you have two doctors and a chiropodist, you aren't pursuing the problem actively with them? No-one on an internet board can diagnose you.

Re: foot pain - ps

Syndi on 1/15/05 at 19:41 (167277)

I have been pushing actively with my GP and the Rheumatologist and I have just put in a call to the Chiropodist with regards to this new finding. No one has ever sugessted PF or AT. All the Doctors keep doing is giving me new medication to try and alieviate the pain. I am not asking for a Diagnoses. I am looking for other people who have the same symptoms and suggestions on how to treat this pain. No Pain killer or anti inflamitory has helped so far. Yes I wear $500.00 orthotics in the house. And have recently bought a pair of Dr Sholls gel inserts for my other shoes.

Re: foot pain - ps

CarinS on 3/23/05 at 13:49 (171837)

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one - I too am experiencing tremendous post-partum foot pain (more like very achy and bruised feeling). I suspect it is PF after my husband pointed out an article in a local paper and I found this site upon researching. I do not have heel pain which is why I never thought I had this condition, but the rest of my arches on both feet are very sore, especially when I first get out of bed in the morning when it is acute and radiates sharply through the entire foot, instep and all. It makes sense when you realize that the relaxin hormone probably makes your foot structure less stable, then add in the additional weight gain during pregnancy then the added weight of carrying around a baby with a different center of gravity (carrying a baby makes you top heavy). Then there is the fact that while on maternity leave I spent the entire time barefoot at home as it was summer time - I have hardwood floors and was constantly running up and down stairs to change or put down the baby. Then let's not forget the continuous bouncing and jiggling motions needed to quiet a fussy baby. Many times he'd be on my knee while sitting and I'd be making a bouncing motion with my foot. I think I'll make an appointment with a foot doctor. My son is now 8 months old and I've only seen very mild improvement without any special treatment. Hope this feedback was helpful - I know I spent alot if time seeking out other new mom's that may have had foot & leg pain. I also have accasional leg pain which typically radiates from sore feet. That happens less frequently now, so I guess there has been some improvement - just not enough.

Re: foot pain (post-pregnancy)

Mom of 2 on 5/25/05 at 14:43 (175715)

Hi There,

Had the same problem. Oh I remember those hard floors! Was diagnosed Metatarsalga by sports med. My condition was due to feet changing during pregnancy (after my secound). Had my othodics adjusted to add a 'metpad' - bump in the ball of the foot. Took a few tries but it fixed everything. Once doctor has ruled out other causes, would suggest seeing a good orthodics specialists who deals with sports injuries - have excellent knoeldge of biomechanics.

Re: foot pain (post-pregnancy)

cindy y on 10/26/05 at 00:55 (185771)

Yes, I agree it sounds like metatarsalga, which I currently have, the doctor has said with anti inflammitory and 2-3 weeks completely off your feet it will go away< I halfway listened and still stayed on my feet, off and on, and now have it in both feet , and very bad. Finally I took three weeks off, no walking ,besides to bathroom etc, and its getting better, the most important thing along with podiatrist made orthodics is a tri p to the new balance shoe store, my doctor dsaid its the only shoe to wear to get rid of it-what a difference!!!! I bought the model w1122mc and it is amazing-cant lkive without them now! best of luck!

Re: foot pain - ps

MaryJ on 8/26/08 at 21:48 (249636)

I too am experiencing the same foot pain at this time. I gave birth 2 months ago and started to have the same foot pain for about a month now. I bought supportive walking shoes made by Saucony and it helps a little, but still at the end of the day with stretching all day, my feet still hurt. I've been told by nurses that it is most likely PF and there is nothing you can do for it but stretch. I hope it goes away soon.

Re: foot pain (post-pregnancy)

charoLL on 4/12/09 at 02:33 (256836)

Hi Syndi

I am also a 41 year-old mom, had my third baby seven months ago and have the same symptoms as you do. As you went through it five years ago I would like to know how you are doing these days,if the pain subsided completely or if you are still suffering from the condition. Thank you.