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Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by KMG on 1/11/05 at 22:39 (166945)

I've had heel pain for over 8 months and have tried everything, orthotics, tape, nightsplints, injections, icing, and stretching. I then had ESWT therapy. This did nothing for me and actually worsened my condition. Desperate, I opted to have my plantar fascia released and a bit of my heel spur shaved off. It has been nearly three weeks since my surgery and I am still in pain, not only in the arch but at the top of my foot where my toes are joined to my foot, along the side of the arch and around my lower ankle. When will I be able to walk pain free and actually run again? I am not overweight so this is not one of the causes.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. Z on 1/11/05 at 22:43 (166946)


Pain can last up to one year with a pf release. Since you are having pain that is everywhere might want to consider a boot cast or at least taping to support your foot. Physical therapy is another optioin

Re: Plantar Fasciitis

Pat on 1/12/05 at 15:03 (166976)

Three weeks?????? You have a long road ahead of you. I had the same done (with the bone spur removal on 11/1) and my foot still hurts. It's not excruiating and it's not the same as the PF pain but it hurts none the lest. Dr. Z is correct when he's telling you the recovery could take a year. I had this done on my other foot ten years ago and was in considerable pain for a long time. You didn't say if you were in a cast, if you were on crutches, if you're massaging your foot, if you're in Physical Therapy etc. I think you need to post more information about the recovery process but three weeks is nothing. AT that point I was happy I could put my swollen foot into a shoe.