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What A Great Bunch You Are!!

Posted by Dorothy on 1/12/05 at 00:14 (166947)

There seems to be concensus of opinion about the trip to Hawaii. So much great advice and encouragement.... but 'look down into a volcano...' ?? WHAT???!!! 'take a helicopter ride into a volcano...?' How about this alternative which is more 'me'...I'll THINK about looking into a volcano and I will IMAGINE what a helicopter ride around a volcano might be like.
Did you not read that I am both a chicken AND neurotic??!!
Well, anyway, you have me thinking that I should just get buck up, figure out what to do about shoes, and take it as it comes, play it as it lays, go with the flow (NOT lava!!!), roll with the punches - I'm clicheed out...
I love you guys and wish I could send all of you to Hawaii where all of our feet could walk on the sand and we'd all feel better (or at least that 'walk barefoot in the sand' sounded like a very good plan when I read about it.) Thank you all for your good ideas and encouragement. You're such a good lot (there's a Britishism for you, although I'm Scotch-Irish)
All those websites, Marie - very intriguing! It kind of put me in mind of those old movies with the map and the airplane and the little red line that you watched as it moved across the globe (Singapore! Hong Kong! Manila!....)
Suzanne - your idea is a good one, but I think that as soon as I removed one pair of shoes on command and then pulled out another pair and put them on, they'd be 'wanding' me! That almost sounds like the 'million clowns in a Volkswagen' (how many shoes ya got in the bag, lady??)
John H - I think you've got some great Hawaii stories behind some of your suggestions and I'll be wanting to hear them~ We'll all be wanting to hear them.... Do any of them involve hula?? Actually, I really want to visit the memorial sites at Pearl Harbor.
Carole - I probably will have more questions and will appreciate your insider knowledge. I LOVE the ocean, Carole - and always hope you will talk about your work, if you are ever so inclined.
Well - to everyone - you've given me much to think about. But bear in mind, I have a month and a half to really get my Fret Machine cranked up!
I hope hives are not in my future..... Bless all your hearts and feet.

Re: Go, Dorothy

Julie on 1/12/05 at 03:05 (166948)

What a lot happens while I'm asleep over here.

Dorothy, I have only one word to add to the good advice you've had.


There's no other possible decision. You will deal with all that nitty-gritty because that's all it is.

Birkenstocks are not ruin-able. If they get wet, they dry off. If they get dirty, the dirt sponges off. That one is a red herring. I agree with Carole: take three pairs of shoes. I agree with everyone who mentioned wheelchairs and golf carts. I agree with Wally's mum (mom).

And from my experience, during the time I was coping with PF I went on three trips: to Crete, to Berlin, and to India. Each one was a watershed, propelled me forward in the healing process. I had to push myself a little further than I did at home - and found that I could. India was the real watershed: I walked barefoot on the beach and found that I could. And that was just about the end of my PF. I know it was on its way out by then - but that trip really gave it the push.

Maybe Hawaii is just what you and your feet need. You woln't know unless you ...GO.

That brings me full circle so I'll wave you goodbye now. Kalo Taxidi (Good Journey). Sto Kalo (Go Well).

(By the way - I'm not advising that you walk barefoot on the beach. My foot was already much better by the time I did. You probably shouldn't unless your feet are feeling pretty good before you try.)

Re: Now about the back problems...

Carole C in NOLA on 1/12/05 at 09:55 (166954)

We really didn't address Dorothy's back problems, or I missed it if we did.

Maybe it would help to fit a heating pad into your luggage, so that you could use it at the hotel when you get there? Or, you could buy one when you get there.

Also, you may find that there are empty seats next to you on the plane, so that you can move around a bit, lie down, and so on.

Not having any major back problems, that's all I can come up with!

Carole C

Re: Now about the back problems...

Julie on 1/12/05 at 10:11 (166955)

Right, Carole! Actually, I did mean to say something about Dorothy's back, but I'm full of codeine and it makes me forget things.

Dorothy, as you surely know, being an old hand at back troubles, the worst thing for a troublesome back is remaining too long in any one position, the worst (for most people) being sitting. However much you enjoy looking out of the window, make sure you get an aisle seat, and get up and walk around as much and as often as possible, i.e. whenever the food/drink/dutyfree carts allow you to. This is especially important on long flights. But I'm sure you know this.

Keep active while sitting in your seat, too. Move your joints a lot. It's easy to do exercises for the fingers (Clenching and stretching) wrists (bending and rotating), toes (curling and stretching) and ankles (bending and rotating), but with a little ingenuity, and as long as you don't mind people thinking you're nuts, you can bend and straighten your knees and elbows, and rotate your shoulders and hips. (See that post I made for - I can't remember her name - the other day, about exercising in bed.)

Re: Now about the back problems...

Suzanne D. on 1/12/05 at 10:42 (166956)

And if heat helps, there are those products that can be purchased at the drug store specifically for the neck or back, etc., which when taken out of the package heat up and retain the heat for several hours. They are not bulky and can be worn under clothing. I have purchased the ones for the neck (can't remember the name or company, but they aren't hard to find) for when I have migraines at school. They do not get as warm as the wraps which can be heated in the microwave, but they do retain the heat much longer and can be worn discreetly under clothing.

Suzanne :)

Re: Now about the back problems...

Kathy G on 1/12/05 at 11:04 (166958)


How could I have forgotten your back? When my son and daughter-in-law went to Hawaii last year, my son, who has back problems, said that he got up and moved as much as problems. He also did as Julie suggested (Mum suggested it to him because of reading all Julie's wisdom on this Board!) and he said his back wasn't too bad although a longer flight would have been tough. He also took meds before he took off and that's hard to believe because he's very anti-medication. But he took a muscle relaxant and some tylenol as a precaution because he didn't want his trip wrecked by a sore back.

Suzanne is right. Those Therma whatzits are great and you could buy one over there. Or maybe the hotel room will have a nice jacuzzi in the tub? This is going to be great!

Re: What A Great Bunch You Are!!

john h on 1/12/05 at 19:04 (166991)

Dorothy one of the great hotels I have ever stayed in is in Honolulu. It is old but probably been renovated since I was last there about 10 years ago. It is the Kahala Hilton and located in the Kahala section of town. No other hotels in the area. On the other side of Diamond Head. The Hawaian Open is usually held at it's golf course. On my first trip Ronald Regan and Nancy were there as was Henry Kissinger. Mary got to talk to Henry Kissinger.Tim Conway and the guy that played Barney Miller was at the pool each day. Our room faced the ocean with a beautiful balcony and it has a very private beach. You need to go there for coffee or a meal if nothing else. Most travelers will not see this hotel as they do not advertise and it is not on the tourist trail. It was the absolute perfect place to walk or jog as the neighborhood was nothing like I had ever visited. After our first visit we went back again about 10 years later and when we arrived in our room there were flowers,candy, and champaigne with a note 'Welcome back Mr. & Mrs Holt'. They must track their clientale very close. The last time I checked I believe rooms started at around $500 a day. I know their land lease where the hotel is located was running out some years ago and I read they renewed it for a zillion dollars and I think they did a lot of remodeling at that time. It was out of this world as it was. Judy mentioned a black beach on the big island. When I stayed there it was at a resort that had a common dinning hall but all the rooms were huts built up on stilts native style. They were very lavish huts to say the least and right on the water. Once again one would have to know about this place as it is way of the beaten path but a place once can really relax. We rented a car a Hilo and drove there for a week. Explored the island during the days. Winter in Hawaii is when they have the big surfing waves. They are not on the Honolulu side of the main island and on the big island I think they are on the north side. All the surfer dudes and dudess from San Diego must winter there. Of course if you like history which is sort of a passion of mine you will go to Pearl. There are some other heart wrenching memorials to visit. We joined another couple and hired a limo for a day to take us to all the places to see so we could stop and go as we pleased. I imagine the old very old Royal Hawaiian Hotel is still there. It is a landmark from well before the war. Still pink and worth having coffee there for a blast to the past. I passed on a chance to be stationed there one time. Helicopters were used to recover some secret things dropped from the sky in those days. Actually caught them in the air. My problem was the expense. I visted my friend who bought a house there and it was like a 1200 sf shack way up in the hills. It cost a fortune and he told me his pay was eaten up by his living expense. I guess it all worked out when he sold it after 4 years. My first trip to Hawaii was in 1958 or thereabouts. I was flying a DC-6 from N.J. to Formosa. I think the Formosa crisis was going on. By the time we stopped in Hawaii to refuel I had completely lost my voice. A pilot of course must be able to talk. We had three pilots on board so I stayed behind and suffered while the rest of my crew flew on to Formosa. I had one terrible week in Hawaii. Sure I did. They picked me up on the way back. At the time it was a Secret mission and when my wife asked me where I was and what I was doing I told her it was Secret. A year later i told her the real deal. She was living in a cheap apartment in N.J. with a baby in the winter and could not drive on ice while I was on my secret mission. War is hell as they say.

Re: What A Great Bunch You Are!!

john h on 1/12/05 at 19:39 (166997)

Dorothy: You got me thinking about my hotel since it was remodeled. It has changed it's name to the Kahala Mandarin. Look at these web sties which will tell you something about it and also give you some links to places and pictures.



Re: What A Great Bunch You Are!!

john h on 1/12/05 at 19:47 (166999)


Re: What A Great Bunch You Are!!

Carole C in NOLA on 1/12/05 at 20:59 (167003)

John is right; the Kahala Hilton is absolutely wonderful, and a bit off the beaten track as it's not right in the middle of Waikiki. Kahala is right on the other side of Diamond Head, and a very exclusive and expensive area. John, I am used to thinking of the Kahala Hilton as a new hotel; it must have been built around 1960 or so. Guess that's old and so am I!

The Royal Hawaiian is very old (circa 1920's or before?) and will always be there, the centerpiece of Waikiki. We stayed there back in the 1950's for a night or two. (This was before we moved there, when we were doing the tourist thing). It's probably even more expensive than the Kahala Hilton. As a little kid I loved walking past the elegant people at the Royal Hawaiian, wearing my swimsuit, directly to the surf. I felt like I was thumbing my nose at their pretensions.

I remember the black sand beach, from a trip there in 1956.

Another Waikiki hotel of historic significance, that I believe has unfortunately changed a lot, is the Halekulani (means 'heavenly house'). Once we discovered it, we no longer went to the Royal Hawaiian. Back in 1955, it was a dozen or so simple two bedroom grass shacks in a tropical setting; you walked to your shack from the registration shack by going down curvy paths through a jungle of beautiful flowers. The wonderful thing about it was the PRIVACY insisted upon by the staff.... even as a child I loved it. Unfortunately I think the shacks are gone, and they built a high rise in their place.

John, I think the Pearl Harbor Tour is a 'must' for most Americans. If you liked the movie 'Pearl Harbor', you should take the tour, Dorothy! One can't help but feel somber and reverent in such a place.

If you like to see ocean creatures, and a trained killer whale or whatever, Sea Life Park is a lot of fun. If you want to see coral reef fish up close in their natural state in shallow water, go snorkeling on your own in the crystal clear waters of Hanauma Bay.

There is so much to do in Hawaii! Dorothy, you should look at a tour guide and mark some things that interest you, because you'll never have time to do them all.

Carole C

Re: What A Great Bunch You Are!!

john h on 1/13/05 at 09:20 (167031)

I finally remembered the resort on the big island which consisted of all grass shacks, black beach and a common dinning hall. It was The Kona Resort. Had it's own little private airstrip. The name of the Kahala Hilton is now the Kahala Madarin Oriental. It was first built in 1963. The King and Queen of England and other monarchs have stayed there. They have a small lake on the grounds with trained porpose. The Manarin Chain of fine hotels must have bought the Kahala in recent years. I sayed at the Mandarin Oriental in Bankok and it was considered one of the finest hotels in the world.