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Anyone have experience with Topamax?

Posted by Shell D. on 1/12/05 at 12:18 (166965)

I'm just curious to know if anyone here on the boards has any experience with the medication Topamax? My neurologist prescriped it for my migraines. I started taking it last week,, 25 mg, then just increased it to 50 mg last night. I will stay on that dose for a week, then increase it to 75 mg for a week, then increase to 100 mg and stay on that dose providing I can tolerate it.

It's actually an anti-seizure medication that's FDA approved for migraine headaches as well. I have noticed a few minor side affects, nothing too serious. If it will get rid of the 3-5 day migraines, it's well worth it.

Just wanting to see if anyone here has taken it before.


Re: Anyone have experience with Topamax?

Kathy G on 1/13/05 at 09:50 (167036)

I haven't taken it, Shell, but I know it's very similar to Neurontin. I just want to tell you how sorry I am that you have been experiencing that migraines that last that long. Mine usually last only a day or so although the day after, I'm very tired. One of the good things about menopause is that mine have almost disappeared but I can only imagine how awful it is to have one last up to five days.

I know that Neurontin and Topamax are being used for migraines, bipolar disorder and many nerve-related conditions and with great success. It's always great with a medication comes out and they discover all these neat positive side effects because originally it was just given for seizures.

I hope it works for you!

Re: Anyone have experience with Topamax?

Shell D. on 1/13/05 at 10:18 (167039)

Thank you Kathy for your response. Several months ago I took Neurontin for Fibromyalgia and now that I think about it, my migraines weren't as bad at that time. Makes me wonder if it was the Neurontin that was helping. I didn't think about it at the time. The things we learn as we go along........Thanks again.