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heel pain in very rear of heels-post ESWT

Posted by Dan D. on 1/12/05 at 14:32 (166974)

Hi there. I had chronic, very severe pf for 7 years. Last January (04), I had shock wave therapy using the Sonorex machine. It completely cured the area in both my feet that has bothered me for 7 years (in the classic
location of pf). However, a few months prior to the ESWT, I developed a new pain in both my feet at the very, extreme rear of my heels (if you go back much further, you would be heading up the ankle). Any idea what might be causing this pain and/or how to get rid of it? I have seen a podiatrist and a orthopedic dr. Both suggested anti-inflammatories and ice. Ice hasn't helped and I held off on the anti-inflammatory as there was a news report about it causing heart troubles shortly after I got my prescription filled. I'm using Viscospot heelcups in my shoes which help but they are not proving to be a cure. Both drs. say that this is an unusual spot for inflammation as there is not much tendon back there - mostly bone and fat pad. Any ideas or suggestions? Would more ESWT work back in that region (it was treated along with the classic spot, but didn't respond as the other area did)? Thanks for any insight, thoughts, or suggestions.

Re: heel pain in very rear of heels-post ESWT

Dr Ben Pearl on 1/12/05 at 17:03 (166980)

worth a try

Re: heel pain in very rear of heels-post ESWT

Dr. Z on 1/12/05 at 18:59 (166990)

Are you very active in sports?