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Scare Tissue around P/F

Posted by Jeff on 1/12/05 at 23:48 (167019)

I had surgery about 6 years ago and have scare tissue around the P/F making it 3 times bigger. Any one else had this problem? Surgery is on Friday 1/14/05 Had choice of ESWT or open the foot up.Went with opening foot. No stats on ESWT working on feet that had surgery.

Re: Scare Tissue around P/F

Dr. Z on 1/13/05 at 00:02 (167020)

There is an article showing that pf with failed surgery will do well with ESWT in 70% of the cases, personal communication with Dr. Odgen
I am not aware of any stats with opening open the foot and success

Re: Scare Tissue around P/F

Kathy C on 1/18/05 at 21:25 (167510)

I had scare tissue from my 1st surgery in August 04 and it cause a lump on one of my surgery's scars. When I went back for the more evasive surgery(cutting a chunk of the plantar fascia)she cut it out...well she says she shaved it(scar tissue) down and it feels much better now. Ask your Dr if she/he would do that.
Good Luck with your upcomimg Surgery. I will be 3 weeks post op Thursday.
And tomorrow I will get my stitches out. So far so Good.

Re: Scare Tissue around P/F

Jeff on 1/31/05 at 23:19 (168221)

I had the surgery 2weeks ago. The Doc said he removed about 1 inch of the P/F. I go back on Thursday 2/3/05 to remove stiches. He said no weight on foot for 6 weeks.