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Dorothy-Super Place on Big Island

Posted by john h on 1/13/05 at 14:35 (167058)

This is a great place. You have your no huts (actually they are a lot more than a hut)


Re: Dorothy-Super Place on Big Island

BrianG on 1/16/05 at 13:14 (167350)

Hey John,

This place has been around for many years. I'd be willing to bet that it is now one of the original 'hotels', as many of the originals have already been razed. 'Hotel' is not really an appropriate word, is it? More like 'unique tourist / guest housing'.

It was up and running when I first went to Kona, early 70's. I never got to actually see it though, as it was gated. I could have, as I knew someone who got a job there, but I didn't want to push it. This person I knew was very outgoing, and had some experience waiting tables. He got the job, but had to train for the first week or so. Finally the big night came, he was on his own. The hostess called to him, 'Here is your fist table, it's The Doors!'. He really didn't want to talk about everyone he met, but many of the Movers and Shakers went there, when they wanted to get away. The huts didn't even have telephones back then :*)

Wish I was there Right Now !!!!!!

Re: Dorothy-Super Place on Big Island

john h on 1/16/05 at 15:58 (167357)

Brian I do not recall any phones in the huts or tv. They may have been there and I just do not remember. They were very lush. I do remember the small runway that must not have been more than 2-3 thousand feet long. There were a couple of small private aircraft landing each day. Two small for any jet. I could use a few days there myself.