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Taping my pf

Posted by DonnaG on 1/13/05 at 16:52 (167067)

A friend suggested taping my foot to relieve the pain of my pf, which I have been fighting for almost 2 years. I had read about the procedure on here, but had never tried it. I have now been taping my foot for almost a month and it has brought me some relief. I still cannot 'power walk', but am able to resume my other exercise activities; ie stationary bicycle, gazelle, and eliptical trainer (new). I have noticed that if I do not tape my foot, and am somewhat active that day, my pf flares up that evening. Will taping my foot eventually let the pf heal, or is it just a temporary relief of the pain? Thanks.

Re: Taping my pf

Dr. Wishnie on 1/14/05 at 17:06 (167164)

If taping helps, then you should try a pair of orthotics. The taping is relaxing the foot and the PF. A good orthotic should do the same.

Re: Taping my pf

Dr Ben Pearl on 1/14/05 at 17:16 (167167)

sometimes taping an be more effecive than orthotics in acute cases

Re: Taping my pf

Linda C. on 2/01/05 at 08:20 (168231)

I have orthotics,and if my feet aren't taped,they kill and i get shooting pains. I have a great Physical Therapist,whom still tapes my feet once a week for me. I don't mind the taping,and he uses pre-wrap so my skin doesn't tear. I have fairly new orthotics,but taping still makes a difference for me.