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What happens if you DO NOT have surgery?

Posted by skully on 1/13/05 at 23:58 (167100)

I have to admit - I have a really bad attitude about surgery. For one thing, I hate doctors. I've got a great podiatrist that I trust but I don't even know who will put me under. I don't like the idea of general anesthesia one bit - I had 2 close friends die from it, both in their 30s.

I still have some good days. I can't do much with the foot but damn its been 8 years like this and while I've gotton rather hateful I guess from dealing with the constant pain I've dealt with it.

HAs anyone NOT had the surgery? Is there any alternative?

Re: What happens if you DO NOT have surgery?

Kim on 1/14/05 at 07:47 (167117)

Skully ,after 4months post op from TSS &deep peroneal nerve surgery on the left foot, will never have this type of surgery again.The surgery on the left foot did fail knew by the 2nd month post op definately something wrong .Foot md wanted to do surgery on the right I refused .I now have scar neuroma on the both top of the foot & at the TSS area, the old pain is back,plus the foot feels like 200lbs. regular md ordered my pain meds, pain clinic & physical therapy.There is hope in sight. I definately do not tell anyone nor would i ever tell anyone to have the surgery or not, except the surgery does have a 40%-80% fail rate.For those who do have a successful surgery great for them but for those who have had a failed one This web site is a blessing & a great support. SO don't let anyone tell you what to do except yourself & your surgeon. This web site continues to offer support from people who are also going through this.

Re: What happens if you DO NOT have surgery?

Geri on 1/14/05 at 08:48 (167121)

Scully: I am 15 mos. post op-tts surgery also nerve release on top of foot and 4 inch incision on side of leg for nerve intrapment. Had a Dellon trained MD. I live with pain everyday!! I take vicodin when it is at a high level or lorcet (12 hour) when my pain is below a 5 on a scale of 1-10. I also have developed sciatica the last 9 months because of my gait that was so bad for 2 years prior to surgery and after surgery. Of course the sciatica is on the same hip as the surgery. Now when the foot pain builds up the hip pain from sciatica is unbearable. It's like my whole leg is on fire. Actually I do not know which fires up first. I live for the 3-4 level of pain days. I can do this with no meds. I also take neurontin. One 300 mg. morning and noon and 600 at night. The only 2 things I did not try before surgery that I have read on this site are compression socks and totally getting off my feet for an extended period of time. I mean no WALKING. Using a roller chair or wc in my house, and crutches outside. I did use carts in the grocery store and others that had them, otherwise I sat home with my feet in a bucket of icewater as much as I could tolerate. I even did the warm-cold bit but it did not help. I just had an MRI this week and will see my new podiatrist next week. He is looking for scar tissue in the tunnel area. The only thing I did not do to prevent surgery was to totally get off my feet, all the time or use compression socks. Both of the these things have been used by posters on this site and prevented surgery. They used wheelchairs, scooters and crutches for a period of time(months) and it was effective for them.
My advise be sure you cannot stand the pain any longer before you have surgery if you do not have an obstruction in your tarsal tunnel area.
There are some good results, but usually it is posted in the early months after surgery. Life before and after tarsal tunnel surgery is a struggle.
I live my life still according to my pain.
Good luck to you, I know this is a hard decision. But I wanted you to hear my story. Whatever you decide stay on this site. It is very helpful and a wonderful support system.

Re: What happens if you DO NOT have surgery?

Geri on 1/14/05 at 08:51 (167122)

Scully: I just read my post and I am sorry it is so mixed up. It's the neurotin. I took it just and hour ago along with a lorcet. I hope you get the gist of my message. If any questions please ask.

Re: What happens if you DO NOT have surgery?

LARA on 1/14/05 at 11:05 (167132)

I didn't have surgery. What did I do instead? REad this message board everyday and followed up leads I found. Wore compression socks. Some people visit a pain clinic - I didn't need to because the compression socks worked well enough for me - and I adjusted my life to cut down on the amount of mileage I put on my feet. No more shopping all day in the mall, no tennis, karate, jogging. In the best of all words I wish I didn't have to give them up, but as bad things go, I have quite a nice life without tennis & mall shopping. I'm training for a new career that doesn't require feet - its kind of fun. I don't mind.

Re: What happens if you DO NOT have surgery?

lizzie on 1/19/05 at 19:13 (167566)

Before I had surgery, I tried these silconce injections in my foot and it helped function alittle better. I have know had 5 surgries on my foot and I go to a nerve surgeon Dr.A. lee dellon and he has help my alot. I know what your going thought though because I got my frist surgery when i was 11 know i'm 18 but, i was really scared and didn't want to do. One day i realized thought it wasn't getting any better so i gave in. Any in my opoinion you should really try it and see what happens. Good luck with you foot!

Re: LARA What new career are u training for?

KIKI on 1/20/05 at 17:51 (167632)


I have thought hard on what jobs do not require much on youyr feet and am having a hard time thinkinjg of some as i want to get into a career myself withoput too much standfing or walking.


Re: LARA What new career are u training for?

LARA on 1/23/05 at 10:23 (167752)

Sorry for taking so long to respond. I missed your post.

We had a discussion on various career options several months ago. You might try a search, I think the word 'job' is in the title. In the meantime, here's the best I remember

Dental hygienist
court reporter
ESOL teacher
medical transcription
musician, private music teacher
travel agent? (depends how much you have to walk around the office)

You mentioned truck driver. I find that driving a car aggravates my TT, as it is the position with the to pointed that causes the pain. I don't know if that's true for everyone.