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Michael? Again

Posted by Dorothy on 1/14/05 at 19:30 (167190)


Because I did not know what 'clonus' was, I did a search for definitional information on 'ankle clonus' which you have mentioned several times as something that you have. I do not mean to pry - please understand that I do not mean to pry - but I wonder if you have had a good, thorough, in- depth diagnostic 'work-up' with a neurologist??? Ralph suggested that you go to Mayo Clinic and his suggestion for that, or some other good medical center, seems like a good one to me. Maybe you've done that already and you have just not discussed here what kind of medical issues you are dealing with - BUT - since you often ask for advice here (and I am not a good source for advice on the problems you are experiencing), it leads me to believe that maybe you have not gotten a really thorough diagnositc exam. I didn't review all of the MANY resource sites on 'clonus' and 'ankle clonus' but the ones that I did quickly scan seemed to relate it most frequently to neurological problems of several kinds. If you haven't done so, I urge you to take Ralph's advice and get yourself to a good medical center. BrianG's advice to stop asking for others' descriptions of THEIR pain seems wise; that isn't going to do you any good for solving YOUR problems.If I am out of line and way off base, please just tell me and I will butt out. I'm butting out anyway but thought I'd share this info. about 'ankle clonus' before doing so. I wish you well.