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Posted by Dorothy on 1/14/05 at 19:33 (167191)

Maybe there are others like me who did not know what 'clonus' is. Here are some definitions:

L. 'turmoil'. Rapid beating movement at ankle or wrist produced by sudden passive extension; associated with upper motor neuron disease ( Ch. 13).
An abnormality in neuromuscular activity characterized by rapidly alternating muscular contraction and relaxation.clo·nus (klns)

n. pl. clo·nus·es
A form of movement marked by contractions and relaxations of a muscle, occurring in rapid succession, after forcible extension or flexion of a part. Also called clonospasm.

Main Entry: clo·nus
Pronunciation: 'klO-n&s
Function: noun
: a series of alternating contractions and partial relaxations of a muscle that in some nervous diseases occurs in the form of convulsive spasms involving complex groups of muscles and is believed to result from alteration of the normal pattern of motoneuron discharge

n : convulsion characterized by alternating contractions and relaxations

Clonus - Involuntary movement of rapidly alternating contraction and relaxation of a muscle. Ankle Clonus is the most common form of Clonus. Reflexive Spasms in the Calf Muscles, cause the Foot and Leg to bounce up and down, when the Knee is bent and the toes are on the floor. Clonus is a hallmark ....

I ended copying here -