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Any Football Predictions??

Posted by Linda V on 1/15/05 at 22:30 (167305)

Ok, before the game on Sunday..lets hear what you think....of course I would like to see the Patriots...but the Steelers are tough...

Re: Any Football Predictions??

Kathy G on 1/16/05 at 08:59 (167324)

If the Patriots can get past the Colts, I think they could beat the Steelers. That's a huge 'IF' especially if Richard Seymour can't play. It's going to be a very exciting game and I'm excited about it!

Re: Any Football Predictions??

john h on 1/16/05 at 11:20 (167333)

Sorry Kathy the Patriots will never get by Manning and the Colts. He is on FIRE!. You secondary must all have PF or something. You might pray for snow which could help.

Re: Any Football Predictions??

marie on 1/16/05 at 11:45 (167336)

Go Colts!!!!!!!

Re: CD Bump ups per Football results

Linda V on 1/16/05 at 12:47 (167346)

An innovative credit union here was giving a decent rate for a CD...and you pick your team. If they made it to the Superbowl..they bump up the rate. And if they win...they bump you again...a pretty neat idea..they took in over a million in new business.
John H..snow is supposed to start shortly after kick-off. But you know what? No matter the results..I have seen our home team win 2 Superbowls and a long awaited World Series. I will still be content.

Re: Any Football Predictions??

BrianG on 1/16/05 at 13:21 (167351)

The Pat's rule !!!!

Home team = 20
Visitors = 17

Thank you, Adam V :*)

Re: CD Bump ups per Football results

john h on 1/16/05 at 16:00 (167358)

Spread some of that joy around. The Sox have won there series and now it is time for my Cubs just to get there. They resigned Nomar this year and he is healthy so who knows??????

Re: Any Football Predictions??

JudyS on 1/16/05 at 20:05 (167381)

What was that about the Pats John? :)

Re: Any Football Predictions??

John H on 1/17/05 at 12:03 (167394)

Crow taste very good this time of year Kathy! The Pats were humiliated.

Re: Any Football Predictions??

JudyS on 1/17/05 at 13:17 (167401)

John h - what game were you watching?!

Patriots - 20
Colts - 3

Re: Any Football Predictions??

Kathy G on 1/17/05 at 14:19 (167407)


Do you mean back on Halloween? They did lose to Pittsburgh then but Corey Dillon wasn't playing due to an injury and Ty Law left the game with an injury.

Ty Law is out for the rest of the season but we've managed to win all but one freakish game in Miami without him. Corey Dillon is going to be available to play next week.

Ben Rothlisberger played like the rookie he is in the Jets game and when he plays in a championship game like next week, I think his inexperience will hurt him. Of course, it's football so anything can happen but the Pats played a superb second half yesterday. I think our chances against the Steelers are pretty good.

It was a wonderful game for us Patriots fans! All week long, we've been hearing about Peyton Manning despite the fact that Tom Brady hasn't lost a game, at home, for two years. They have totally different styles. The Pats are methodical and Belichick, I believe, is one of the greatest minds in football today. Not that I'm biased! :)

Re: Any Football Predictions??

Kathy G on 1/17/05 at 14:38 (167410)


Two of my four fantasy football teams won the superbowl due, in great part, to the points Adam Vinatieri got. I mean, most kickers don't throw touch down passes!

On to Pittsburgh! :)

Re: Any Football Predictions??

john h on 1/17/05 at 16:13 (167416)

I dislike telling you the team I have rooted for since I saw my first NFL football game at age 12. The Bears and Chicago Cardinals were playing at Wrigley Field. I became a Cards fan immediately even though I lived on the North side which is Bear country. Since then they have moved to St Louis and now Airizona and they have not done squat. They are building a new zillion dollar dome which will open in 06. I do not think we have had a winning season since the 60's. This is getting old. Real old. I am able to watch all games with Direct TV which is great. If your team is playing in Pittsburg you will have to face one of the best defenses in the NFL. They run better than they pass with the Bus still moving it. Should be a great game. Hope it is snowing.

Re: Bummer!

marie on 1/17/05 at 19:53 (167428)

We'll getem' next year! I've been rootin for the Colts for 2 decades. What's another year.

Re: Any Football Predictions??

Dorothy on 1/17/05 at 20:23 (167431)

The Chicago-St.Louis-Arizona Cardinals did manage to simultaneously break the hearts and arouse the ire of St.Louis Cardinal fans when they took off for Arizona, I recall, similar to the (Baltimore)Colts - Indianapolis and the Cleveland team to somewhere (I forget).... all of these football fan long-memories. I'm not a football fan- but I hear the passionate stories even after all these years..especially the Baltimore fans who, justifiably, recount the sneaky, underhanded way the Colts slinked/slunk/slank away in the night....
I hope the St. Louis baseball Cardinals never leave.
In the meantime, how about the University of Illinois men's basketball team???!!!! Go Illini!

Re: Any Football Predictions??

John H on 1/18/05 at 09:20 (167453)

Dorothy it sounds like you have a good handle on sports history to me. The Cardinals are the oldest NFL franchise in existence. Over 100 years old now. It has been in the Bidwill family since the 30's. When Bill Bidwill Sr died which was probably in the early 60's his wife took over operations of the franchise. She died not many years later and his son Bill Bidwill Jr. has owned and operated it since. They also have a daughter who is VP of something. As owners go in the NFL they derrive most of their money from the franchise so they have always been slow to spend any money on FA's and quality players. Their business practices with players has been out of touch . Consequentially we have always had a lousy team. They left St Louis because of a conflict with the baseball Cardinals as when the Cardinals would get into post season play the football Cards could not play their regular schedule games at Bush stadium. They then foolishly went to AZ with no guarantee of a new stadium and had to play their games at Sun Devil stadium where temps can reach 130 degrees on the field and the fans burn up in the stadium on Sunday afternoon. Thus they have the lowest attendance in the NFL by far. They averaged 38,000 last year. Compare that to the Redskins who averaged over 90,000 and have an owner who is a zillionaire and is willing to spend it just like George Steinbrenner. Phoenix finally passed a bond issue to fund a new domed stadium and it will be open in 2006. It will be state of the art and a super bowl is already scheduled there. We still have this long histroy as a loser which is hard to overcome. Unfortunately i stick with my teams lose or win so I continue to ride it out.