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Posted by wendyn on 1/16/05 at 12:38 (167344)

Julie - your comment about the fidgeting made me laugh. I am not a constant fidgeter, but I suppose I am a 'frequent' fidgeter. Have you ever met a leg-bouncer? You know - people who sit at a table and their leg bounces or wiggles back and forth constantly? I have to make a conscious effort to NOT do that. If I don't pay attention, I do it.

I've met 3 other people who were as bad or worse than me (strangely enough - all men). I also move my feet or legs if I'm laying on the couch watching TV (drives my husband crazy). Come to think of it, one of my female cousins is just as bad as I am. Maybe it runs in the family?

I worked on a project recently with a man who does it (bounces his leg) CONSTANTLY. He actually drove _me_ nuts. I can just imagine how annoying we were to everyone else.

Re: Julie

Julie on 1/16/05 at 14:46 (167354)

Wendy, maybe that's why you're so slim! Keep fidgeting, is what I say.

Men do seem to do leg-bouncing more than women - I often notice this on trains.

Re: Julie

john h on 1/16/05 at 16:17 (167360)

Do you by chance have 'restless leg syndrome'? This results in a lack of sleep.

Re: Julie

Linda V on 1/16/05 at 18:08 (167368)

Four years ago, I married a 'bouncer'..it has been one of the toughest adjustments I have had to make!! The man is in constant motion..either bouncing or jiggling...or constantly rocking in the swivel rocker recliner we bought. He is an Up-at-dawn type A guy (yes, john h..military)..then law enforcement.
Funny thing is, I have noticed 90% of his family fight over the rocking chairs at family gatherings. I wonder if there is a gene for rocking bouncing syndrome.
We will be buying new furniture for our new house shortly. I wonder if I will damage him if I buy stationery furniture. Lol...

Re: Linda

wendyn on 1/16/05 at 18:23 (167370)

Hmm Linda, I do not think that buying stationary furniture will make a difference either way. I'm also a a type a person - maybe there is a connection?

Having worked with someone who does this more than I do, I can honestly say that I think it may be easier to be a 'bouncer' than to live with one.

Re: John

wendyn on 1/16/05 at 18:23 (167371)

John, at one point I did look that up. I don't remember exactly what it is, but I seem to think I decided that it wasn't likely something I have.

Re: Julie

marie on 1/16/05 at 18:50 (167374)

I don't leg figet. But I know some who just can't stop. Actually it is one of the things we comment on when writing an observation for ADD or ADHD.

It's central nervous system related and one can be predispositioned to inherit genetically.

Re: Julie

vince on 1/16/05 at 19:16 (167375)

Sounds to me like all of the leg shakers are suffering from Neroleptic Malignant Syndrome. It is suspected that it can be spread by e-mail so everyone who has it should do the following!
click on: start- run- type 'command' then hit enter
on the command line type, format c: and hit enter. type 'y' and hit enter
I hope you all get better soon

Re: Julie

vince on 1/16/05 at 19:18 (167376)

How many of you did it and wiped out your hard drive???

Re: Fidgeting

wendyn on 1/16/05 at 20:46 (167385)

Interesting marie!

Re: John

wendyn on 1/16/05 at 21:07 (167386)

John, I take it back. Looked it up and I have all the symptoms. Oh well. Not that it really matters. I just always thought I was weird.

Mike walked by the room on his way upstairs, and I told him that my leg bouncing is actually quite common and even has a name! He gave me a funny look and then walked away. (He still thinks I'm weird)

Evidently, this bouncing can get worse as you get older. Maybe by the time I hit 40, I'll never need to actually go to the gym any more!!!

Re: John

Kathy G on 1/17/05 at 14:07 (167406)

All the people who I know who do it are ADD or ADHD. My late brother-in-law, a classic case of ADHD, drove me crazy doing it constantly. My daughter, who is definitely ADD, doesn't do that but she can't sit still to watch a movie in a movie theater. She has to wait until things come out on DVD and I'm sure that's because she can get up and move around while the movie is on. Of course, she also says that theater seats hurt her back but it's hard to believe that every theater has seats that don't conform to her body.

You're right, Wendy. You may be able to give up exercise altogether!