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2 weeks post ESWT

Posted by DavidW on 1/18/05 at 19:41 (167500)

Hi. I am 2 weeks past my ESWT treatment and I thought I would share my experience so far. I am three years into my foot pain and decided to have the procedure performed only on my left foot (I have pain in both). I was treated with the Dornier Epos-Ultra, which is a high energy machine. My left foot was numbed, which was a little strange, but not majorly unpleasant. The procedure was performed which took around 15 minutes or so. I walked out of the Lithotripsy center myself (very carefully) and drove home.

The doctor advised to really take it easy for at least two weeks, and I must say that I have had to. My foot has been fairly sore, and I can kind of sense that it really needs just plain old simple rest...and lots of it. I tried a little stretching simply out of habit, but the foot feels very tight on the bottom so I stopped.

Well, I'm just taking it easy, and will wait this out as patiently as possible. Foot pain at this point is minimal, and I have high hopes that it stays this way. The Doc says that 5-6 weeks should be the 'turnaround' point where I will feel much better, and 10-12 weeks for the total affect. Hey, this seems like a very short time given three years of pain.


Re: 2 weeks post ESWT

Scott D. on 1/21/05 at 23:03 (167703)


I'm glad that you are doing well! Always nice to hear success stories, hope you continue to improve!