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For Dr. Z

Posted by Dan D. on 1/19/05 at 12:51 (167537)

Hi Dr. Z,
I posted a message awhile back about having heel pain in the very rear of my heels after being successfully treated for pf with low energy shock wave therapy. The pain in the classic pf spot completely went away, but this new pain in the very rear of my heels, although treated with ESWT, did not respond. You had asked me if I was active in sports. I never got back with you, so the answer is no. I'm not active in sports. I had severe pf for 7 years which has prevented me from being on my feet much.
I'm not overweight either. Any thoughts on what I can do about this?

Re: For Dr. Z

Dr. Z on 1/22/05 at 22:16 (167746)

This could be plantar fasciitis , achilles tendonitis, bursitis, Without an examination tough to help you any more. An ultrasound and or MRI could help you alot