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New micro-processor in shoe's arch

Posted by Buck T. on 1/19/05 at 15:01 (167544)

Soundslike science fiction -- but you know, so does pf.

In AARP magazine news piece on new Adidas 1 to be out in December. A micro-processor inside shoe's arch measures heel compression. Based on that info, the cushion transforms itself -- every fourth step-- accounting for surface, person;s size, pace, foot strike and weight. It's for runners but it might work for others as well. There's a picture. Looks like regular tennis shoe except you can see area for micro=processor in arch area and heel is sort of an 'uspide down catarmarande.'

How about it Richard or Dr. Z or other health professionals?

Sincerely, Buck T.

Re: New micro-processor in shoe's arch

Richard, C.Ped on 1/19/05 at 15:34 (167545)


Seriously though, I don't know. If you are talking cushion only, that might work. If you are talking plantar fasciitis, nope.

Sounds like a money thing to me.