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Quad A shoes????

Posted by Richard, C.Ped on 1/19/05 at 15:36 (167546)

Ok, my turn to ask for help. I have a customer that has a quad a foot. Most of the companies I deal with have a few, but are not pleasing to the eye. She is 38 so and has been spending up to $300 for a pair of shoes. I want to help her find something good, but alot less expensive. Any ideas??


Re: Quad A shoes????

Dorothy on 1/19/05 at 18:28 (167557)

Richard - Wissota Trader carries a wide variety of widths and styles. I have cut and pasted their information and the URL:

Welcome to Wissota Trader, where you'll quickly understand why we say 'We're Not Your Ordinary Shoe Company.'
Craftsmanship and attention to detail has been a way of life at Wissota Trader since we turned out our first pair of shoes in 1904.
We offer you more than 600 footwear styles for men in sizes 6 to 17, widths AAA to EEEEEE and for women in sizes 4 to 13, widths AAAA to EEEE.
We also carry a select group of name brand footwear that holds true to the same strict quality guidelines that we do. Brands such as New Balance, Rockport, Easy Spirit, Ros Hommerson, Trotters, Hush Puppies, Soft Walk, Naturalizer and Propet.
Enjoy your journey through our extraordinary online shoe store.


Re: Quad A shoes????

Linda V on 1/19/05 at 21:09 (167571)

I saw 4 pages of shoes 4a(AAAA or SS) on the website at Zappos. You have to go to the tab for narrow/wide specialty. They were pretty nice looking shoes.

Re: Quad A shoes????

Richard, C.Ped on 1/20/05 at 09:16 (167590)

Thanks Dorothy and Linda! That was a huge help.

Re: Quad A shoes????

Kathy G on 1/20/05 at 10:14 (167599)

My mother had a 4A foot. For what it's worth, she claimed that wearing 'sneakers,' as they were called then, helped to widen her foot to a triple A. As she got older, she actually could wear a double A as long as it was a slingback because her heels were so narrow.

Don't know if there's anything to her theory or not. I have double A feet, always have had, and have trouble finding running shoes narrow enough for me.