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Posted by Dorothy on 1/19/05 at 18:37 (167560)

Julie - I have just a few things to say and will be brief; I'm sure you have plenty on your mind right now. First, a friend of mine sent me your book 'The Healing Power of Yoga' and it arrived today! Second, my back has been hurting quite a bit the past two days - and that coincides with the increasing level of awareness I've been having of your surgery date!
This is all too weird. However, I can only echo others' words of encouragement and good wishes. I am sincerely hoping you are well, pain free and back in contact with us here as soon as you can possibly be. (You now have the added burden of MY back hurting because of thinking about yours!!) We are pulling for you and are with you in thought and spirit and will be very glad to hear from you post-surgery. Be well ~