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no movement in small toe after pf surgery

Posted by libbym on 1/20/05 at 15:06 (167623)

i had pf surgery done on my left heel aug 16 after the surgery i now cannotmove my left pinky toe is this due to the surgery? my pod said it was not due to the surgery but it was not like that before also im still in pain and have no feeling in the bottom of my foot. could he have cut a nerve? your answers are appreciated.

Re: no movement in small toe after pf surgery

Pat on 1/20/05 at 17:36 (167630)

Yes, he could have cut a nerve. I had my first PF surgery on my left foot ten years ago. I still cannot hardly bend three of my toes. A nerve was cut during the surgery (shown by an MRI) and while it did regenerate a certain amount it still has never been normal. I was also in alot of pain for almost a year after that surgery. On the other hand I had my second PF surgery on 11/3 and I'm doing o.k. with that. It's still to early to tell but I can feel an improvement as time goes on and I never had the numbness I had with my first PF.