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An e-mail newsletter alert

Posted by Dorothy on 1/21/05 at 11:52 (167681)

Many of you have probably been reading about this, but it is something we all need to be concerned about. This came today in the newsletter that I have given the weblink for before here at heelspurs. Anyway, for those of you who don't receive the newsletter and/or aren't familiar with what Congress is proposing, here is the text cut and pasted from the NewsTarget.com newsletter. The author urges that it be forwarded to others who might be interested:

Opponents of natural health and hard at work right now trying to take
away your right to choose vitamins, herbs and nutritional supplements.
The 'old guard' defenders of conventional medicine have finally
realized that nutritional supplements are a threat to their system of
profit and control: drugs, chemicals, surgery, chemotherapy and so on.
And now they've decided the best way to protect their monopoly medical
system is to destroy the nutritional supplements industry.


A legislative battle is brewing right now, and if we lose this battle
(if we let the doctors and drug companies win), the nutritional
supplements industry could be wiped out virtually overnight. You'd no
longer have access to vitamins, herbs, and supplements. You'd have to
take prescription drugs for everything -- and that's just the way the
FDA and drug company executives like it!

At stake is the status of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education
Act (DSHEA). This law, passed in 1994, allows nutritional supplements
to be sold without the meddling of the FDA, an agency that has proven
itself to be an outright opponent of natural health. While over 100,
000 Americans are dying each year due to prescription drug side
effects, the FDA chooses to attack only natural medicine like ephedra
(ma huang, a traditional Chinese medicine herb that's been used for
thousands of years). While 16,500 Americans are killed each year by
taking over-the-counter painkillers (NSAIDs), the FDA spends its time
raiding and bankrupting companies like Lane Labs, which had developed
a powerful immune boosting product (MGN-3) that actually treated

Now the FDA and the defenders of old-school medicine want to wipe out
nutritional supplements altogether. And they're claiming to be
'protecting the public' yet again. They're arguing that all
nutritional supplements should be subjected to the same rigorous
scientific review as prescription drugs.

Who are they kidding? Are these the same 'rigorous' studies that are
routinely distorted to exaggerate the health benefits of drugs while
concealing any health risks? Clinical trials for prescription drugs
have nothing in common with good science. They are little more than
bureaucratic sleight of hand, designed to win a stamp of approval for
drugs that are extremely dangerous and, in fact, are actually killing
Americans at an alarming rate.

This attempt to 'regulate' nutritional supplements is just
doublespeak for outlawing them. If the FDA has its way, all
nutritional supplements will be regulated out of existence. And then,
they'll explain, 'You will be safe.'

Enough is enough.


It's time to write Congress and let them know two very important

1) Protect DSHEA. The current law works.
2) Preserve our health freedoms.

And to make it convenient for you to be heard, you can write Congress
online, through the National Nutritional Foods Association website:

Just enter your zip code and decide what message to send. It takes
only a few minutes.

With your help, we can send a strong message to Congress and let our
lawmakers know that we, as free citizens of this country, are not
going to let a group of profit-minded drug industry bureaucrats take
away our right to chose vitamins, herbs and nutritional supplements.

If you think about it, what they really want to do is OUTLAW DISEASE
PREVENTION. That way, preventing diseases will actually be illegal,
and that would generate a windfall of profits for drug companies as
more and more people become ill and are diagnosed with chronic disease.

It's a bold plan by the defenders of conventional medicine. And
they're hoping you won't notice their real motive. But for them, it's
always been about profits and control. The American Medical
Association, for example, has a long and dark history of trying to
outlaw chiropractic care. The AMA has actually been convicted -- twice
-- in U.S. federal courts of conspiracy to destroy the chiropractic
industry. (You won't find that on the AMA website, trust me.)

The FDA, for its part, has been the puppet of Big Pharma for so long
that even the FDA's own scientists have had enough. That's why people
like Dr. David Graham finally had to blow the whistle and warn the
American people about how these dangerous COX-2 inhibitors are killing
people. And just last week, we learned that many of these drugs were
inappropriate approved in the first place. Now they're all under
'review' at the FDA, which has hilariously decided it's going to
investigate itself to see if it did anything wrong.

But the winds are shifting. People are firing their doctors and
signing up with naturopathic physicians. People are openly questioning
the safety of prescription drugs, and they finally see the FDA is a
sham. People are taking vitamins, supplements and herbs. They're
visiting chiropractors, acupuncturists, energy healers, herbalists and
other practitioners of the healing arts -- IN RECORD NUMBERS.

Conventional medicine is losing. Their power is slipping away. The
Darth Vader empire of drugs and surgery is crumbling with each passing
day. And out of desperation, the leaders of that empire are trying to
crush the natural health movement by destroying the supplement
industry in a last desperate counterattack.

As an American, I will not stand for this oppression. I will not sit
by and idly watch the architects of a destructive system of organized
medicine take away my right to choose herbs and supplements. I will
not let this system imprison us by stripping away our health freedoms.


It is time for action. Join me in spreading the word to preserve your
health freedoms. Do not allow the FDA, Big Pharma and organized
medicine to destroy your right to be healthy. Do NOT allow them to
outlaw disease prevention and make you a slave of chemical-based

There are three things you can do right now, and all of them cost you

1. Write your representatives in Washington using this link:

2. Send this email as many people as you know. Alert them this effort
by organized medicine to destroy their health freedoms.

3. STAY INFORMED by subscribing to the NewsTarget Insider email

Together, we can prevail in this legislative battle, and we can
preserve our health freedoms for generations to come. But it is up to
us, right now, to fight for these freedoms. If we fail to do so, they
will be stripped away from us within one year.

The time to act is now.

- Mike Adams

Re: An e-mail newsletter alert

marie on 1/21/05 at 15:57 (167689)

oooooooooooo I wouldn't like that.