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What is working for me.

Posted by Walkingirl on 1/21/05 at 17:12 (167692)

Friday, January 21, 2005 Plantar Fasciitis or Heel pain.

Good news! All this week my feet have progressively gotten better. I have been taking the prescription Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and B6 for a month now. I also added accupressure 2x a day. Since I started the accupressure...the pain seems to be less. I don't know if it's because I have been taking the vitamin B's for a month and it's finally kicking in or if its the accupressure that is helping or both. This morning I walked a Salt Lake Block and back without any heel pain at all. The pain is just in my archilles tendon and up a little way up the leg now. Which has been there for quite some time, but the heel pain overrode that pain. By the end of the 2-block walk, I was beginning to feel some pain in my left heel. I have been practicing walking the 2 blocks every day with a smile on my face! Last Sunday I cleaned out all the cupboards in my kitchen and got rid of stuff I no longer use. I also reorganized it because Bob has been taking care of the kitchen because I could not. He does not put things back in the same place so it makes it harder when I cook. I cannot just open the cupboard and grab what I want. I have to look for it. Anyway, I was able to cook all last week! I am so grateful to be able to be on my feet long enough to cook. I am cooking again, and I was able to clean/organize my kitchen...so that says a lot! After, cleaning the kitchen on Sunday, I took some of the measures listed below to offset any damage I may have done by being on my feet. The next day was a holiday (Martin Luther King). I rested my feet that day by doing laundry (folding clothes and watching movies).

If you know anyone with heel pain...this is what has worked for me.
1) Dansko Professional shoes (for you it may be some other quality shoe, such as, Merrills).
2) Ice pack wrapped under the arch and up the archilles tendon every night (about 15 min.)
3) Hot pack wrapped under the arch and up the archilles tendon every morning (about 15
4) Prescription Vitamin B12, B6 & Folic Acid. Promotes nerve health.
5) Wobenzyme. (I take W-Zyme by Michael's from Wild Oats Store as instructed on
bottle.) If you want to know about it, go to http://www.wobenzym.com/index.php . It is
enzymes that works like an anti-inflammatory without the side affects of prescription anti-
6) Throughout the day, flex toes up and then curl/squeeze them as if you are picking
something up with them.
7) Calf stretches. This large muscle, if tense, can contribute greatly to the pull on your
heel and/or archilles.
8) Accupressure on the meridian pathways of the foot, ankle and legs. (If you want synopsis of how
it works...go to http://www.mamashealth.com/massage/accup.asp . If you need instruction, get book
from the library or go a book store.
9) Massage the meridian pathways of the foot, ankle, and legs after accupressure to
smooth out the effects of accupressure. I use lotion with lavender oil in it.
10) Rest, Patience and Hope.
11) Big help! http://heelspurs.com/_articles.html This site helps you understand that you
have to be diligent and patient to get the cure. The site has surveyed many people with heel pain
problems. You will find out what has works, what does not work or what may work.
12) Night Split. I have been using a night splint for my left heel. You can order one @ http://www.foot.com
13) Swim. I swim for exercise. It's the only real exercise I get. The hot tub is a bonus for foot, archilles, and feet.
14) Customer Shoe Inserts. Wear in hiking boots and tennis shoes. Otherwise wear Dansko shoes.

I have not listed the above in the order of what worked best because putting it all together is how it worked for me. I have found that if you over-stretch it will do more damage than good. Just a light stretch is best. I did a lot of stretching as suggested by my physical therapist, but because I overdone it (I have a habit of overdoing), I did more harm than good. I think physical therapist should be aware and inform patients that over stretching is not good. From my experience, consistent light stretching is best.

If I have not made great strides in progress by Spring, I am seriously considering Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. My insurance will not cover it because they still consider this procedure experimental. This procedure was approved by the FDA October 2000. A follow-up study was conducted May 2003. You may read more about this @ http://www.fda.com , search Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, then choose Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data. I called around to four doctors in the Salt Lake City Area. The going price per foot is $1,000 for treatment, $60 for initial visit, plus x-ray costs.

Plantar fasciotomy or endoscopic plantar fasciotomy is a 50/50 proposition with a long healing time if ever. Surgery is an all out last resort after Extracorporeal Shockwave Therpy.

Re: What is working for me.

hardly walking on 1/29/05 at 15:00 (168135)

thank you! i've just received more information from you in 2 minutes than in the last 6 months in and out of doctor's offices. i have not heard a thing about cures from any md. overdoing it on exercise is what got me in this literal bind, and now my only option is swimming for the weight loss (that sometimes seems like a pipedream b/c of this condition. argh!). i'm especially glad to know about W-Zyme and accupressure since my prescription med was just in the papers as a major heart-attack risk and stretching has exascerbated the pain. the medical community ought to get their heads out of the sand. thanks again! a little hope goes a long way.