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Do HTP Heel Seats Work? How long?

Posted by TC on 1/21/05 at 17:57 (167694)

I just got the HTP Heel Seats. Are they suppose to feel great right away? I think my gel inserts from the grocery store felt just as good? I have PF in my left foot and heard it pop while I was playing tennis. I have been on crutches for the passed week--I could not bear any weight on my left foot. I am desperate, we leave for a ski trip in two weeks. My pod said he would give me a cortisone shot if all else fails.
Anyone have luck with the Strassburg sock or compression socks? I am a very active person who plays tennis and have two small children--5 and 8. I need to get better quickly. Help?????

Re: Do HTP Heel Seats Work? How long?

JIm E on 1/21/05 at 19:45 (167697)

I've had PF in both feet for 13 yrs, tried everything on the market. Used HTPs for 8 wks. they felt good the 1st 1/2 hr. each day then they hurt like all the rest.

Re: Do HTP Heel Seats Work? How long?

Robin P on 1/21/05 at 21:09 (167701)

I tried the Strassburg sock and it for several weeks. My problem with it was that my foot only remained in the proper position while I was lying on my back. When I would turn over to sleep on my side (the position I prefer), my toe would eventually slip down in the sock and not remain in the desired position. I stopped using it and began taping my PF foot each morning, as described in Scott's book. I found much greater relief from the PF pain by taping my foot each morning and then removing the tape at night just before going to bed - I have recently been able to walk for an hour or two at time without pain. I do notice that the PF pain recurs if I walk around without the tape on my foot. Have you tried taping?

Re: Do HTP Heel Seats Work? How long?

Marre on 1/21/05 at 22:04 (167702)

The heel seats seemed to work for me but they didn't get rid of my PF. They just alleviated the pain. That's only if you can tolerate the stiffness, which I could.

I have the strassburg. It works for me if I don't pull it too tight. When I did, I woke up in pain. I think you can get the same results by doing the PF stretch on this website in the AM.

Re: Do HTP Heel Seats Work? How long?

TC on 1/22/05 at 07:27 (167707)

Robin P
I did try the tape yesterday and it did feel better. Is the tape just masking the pain or actually helpingt the PF?

Re: Taping

Robin P on 1/22/05 at 14:19 (167719)

I have no medical background...I can just tell you what I sense as a person who has PF. I feel as though the tape is gradually helping the PF. Before I began the daily taping routine, I would get up in the morning, do a few foot stretches, and then stand and begin walking...with horrible heel pain that would subside only after 10 or 15 minutes of walking around. Since I've been taping (for the past 6 months), I do a couple of foot stretches, with no tape on my foot since I remove it each night. Then I stand and walk with no heel pain whatsoever. However, if I try to go a whole day without taping my foot, I begin feeling a dull PF ache in my heel...applying tape makes it go away. I'm concluding that the tape is helping, rather than simply masking the pain, because of the marked improvement I've felt with the first morning steps. But even if I'm wrong, and the taping is just masking the pain, I'm still going to do it because it provides relief from pain. I think that the tape provides support that helps to minimize the chances of re-injuring your foot and therefore is an aid to gradual healing.

Re: Taping

TC on 1/24/05 at 11:52 (167817)

Thanks for the feedback. I am glad to hear that the taping helps. It is really helping me too.