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Posted by DENA B. on 1/23/05 at 12:12 (167754)

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I RECENTLY SAW THE ESWT SIGN IN MY PODIOTRIST'S OFFICE. IT STATED THIS THERPY IS ALSO BENEFICIAL? I have been in sereral auto accidents, injuring the tendons around the rotator cuff....they are 'frozen'. Even after MANY Phy. and Mass. Therapies, they are yet frozen & I am unable to lift my left arm straight up/over, my head. It is difficult getting dressed, putting on a pool-over of any kind. I AM VERY CONCERNED AS WELL AS MY EXCELLENT CHIROPRACTOR. It is difficult also, sleeping and its position; and unable to sleep on my left side. (This is my left shoulder.) Last Feb. an ortheopedic doctor operated and removed arthritis and spurs. We were under the impression he was going to 'break' that frozen area of tendons. I hope you can help me and also give me the name of a qualified doctor in this area of ohio. THANKS SO MUCH, Dena


Dr. Z on 1/23/05 at 12:32 (167756)

Treatment with ESWT would depend on the results of your MRI. If there are torn and or detached tendons then ESWT isn't your first line of treatment.
'Arthritis and spurring ' in the shoulder joint could have left you with degenerative joint disease meaning the surface of your shoulder joint is damaged and thus you have bone rubbing against bone.
Have you had an MRI?