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Question for the Dr: could "wrong" shoes make problem worse?

Posted by Nancy D on 1/23/05 at 17:16 (167763)

I am fairly certain that I have PF. I have not been to the doctor yet (called a month ago, but the soonest they could get me in was 6 weeks!) In the meantime, I've been trying many different shoes around my house to find something comfortable, and I'm wondering if I could be doing more damage to my feet by choosing the 'wrong' shoes. I find that I have trouble adjusting to motion control type sneakers and other shoes with high arches (I'm wearing a new a pair of Dansko clogs around the house right now). Should I try to get used to that - since maybe I do need more arch support - or could this be bad for my feet, and making my problem worse? Thanks for reading!

Re: Question for the Dr: could "wrong" shoes make problem worse?

Dr. Z on 1/24/05 at 07:05 (167793)

What type of arch height do you have? If you DON'T have excessive pronation then too much arch support can make it worse or more painful.
Read the heel pain book. It has many excellent heel pain tips. I would try another doctor for a faste appointment.

Re: Question for the Dr: could "wrong" shoes make problem worse?

Kathy G on 1/24/05 at 10:53 (167813)

Dr. Z is right. Either find a different doctor or take the earliest appointment the doctor you called has. Ask to be put on the 'cancellation list' so that they call you if they get an unexpected opening.

In my case, the wrong shoes exacerbated my achilles tendonitis but not my PF. Motion control shoes killed me. If the shoes you're wearing don't make you feel any worse, then stick to them until you see a doctor. Don't spend money on all kinds of shoes until you see an expert.

Oh, I'm not a doctor. Just a PF'er who can't resist adding my two-cents worth!