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PF - ESWT questions - please help

Posted by Leslie B on 1/23/05 at 17:43 (167765)

I have posted this in a couple of places, but I am hoping to get some good, expert advice asap. I have had PF for about two years. The pain started after I was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer. My questions are two-fold. I am curious if anyone here knows if having had a radioactive iodine treatment could have contributed to the PF? Or keeping my TSH supressed? Or taking high doses of synthroid (250 mcg daily)? A few people on an online thyroid cancer support group also complain of foot pain. I'm sure most of you have no idea, but perhaps a doctor here can help me. My own podiatrist has no clue. I have had about 5 cortisone injections. They were initially helpful, but the pain right now is worse than ever. I purchased a special orthotic, too. It is my left heel and it now extends to the ball of my foot. I just got a newsletter from my HMO that they will discontinue covering ESWT after March 1, 2005. Should I try to schedule this before then? I really cannot deal with this pain. Because I have no thyroid now, my metabolism is already screwed up and not being able to exercise, my weight will NOT drop and is only going up. Also I take celebrex (200 mg daily) for arthritis in my knees. Would I be able to take this if I have the high energy treatment? I read about not taking anti-inflammatories after the lower dose treatment. Should I only consider the high dose treatment, and if so, which one. It is all so confusing! ANY suggestions or advice are appreciated! Thanks!

Leslie B