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post op feeling better

Posted by michelle on 1/24/05 at 23:10 (167872)

Hi everyone, I had my surgery 12-17-04. I posted in the ask the doctors board and was concerened with all the pain i was having in my foot. I just wanted to write and let everyone know I am feeling alot better and I am hoping to go back to work Monday (on light duty). Yes my foot still hurts and it still swells, but today was a good day for me. I cooked supper, did laundry and cleaned my house all standing up lol. I am getting more active each day thank god. I haven't stepped on a scale, but I know I have put on a few pounds from sitting on my butt. I hate shoes but the best thing I have found to help me is a pair of really thick house shoes to wear around the house. My orthotics help in my gym shoes too. I just hope that this will turn into a 100% recovery for me. I know it is going to take awhile but I am just happy that I did all the things I did today. Ok I am babbling. Take care all I don't post often but I love reading all the other post. bye michelle

Re: post op feeling better

Heather on 1/25/05 at 16:38 (167918)

Hi Michelle, I was wondering how things are going with your foot. I am down to the last resort and have done everything possible for my feet. My doctor says the next step is surgery. I'm very scared. I want to know what happens after, is is true you lose some feeling in your foot? Are you getting numbness??? I'm really happy for you based on your last post, I hope that it is still going well. Please let me know what you can. Thank you.

Re: post op feeling better

michelle on 1/25/05 at 21:51 (167941)

Yes I do have some numbness around the surgery site, although it is not that bothersome. It is like the top layer of my skin is numb but the harder I press I feel a pain deeper in. It feels kinda funny, but I can live with that. I am going to ask the doctor about my ankle being stiff I dont know if that is part of the healing process or me not using my foot like I used too. I started physical therapy and I havent been able to get there all week. My husband has been taking my car to work, because it handles better in the snow then his car. I am going to go back next week. I am not completely better yet and I don't even feel as good as before the surgery but I am progressing and that is a good sign I hope lol.