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Trying again - no repsonse 1st time - need help from doctors!

Posted by Leslie B on 1/25/05 at 20:58 (167932)

I posted a similar letter the other day and I am hoping to get some good, expert advice asap. I have had PF for about two years. The pain started after I was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer. My questions are two-fold. I am curious if anyone here knows if having had a radioactive iodine treatment could have contributed to the PF? Or keeping my TSH supressed? Or taking high doses of synthroid (250 mcg daily)? A few people on an online thyroid cancer support group also complain of foot pain. I'm sure most of you have no idea, but perhaps a doctor here can help me. My own podiatrist has no clue. I have had about 6 cortisone injections. They were initially helpful, but the pain right now is worse than ever. I purchased a special orthotic, too and tried taping. The area of pain is my left heel extending to the ball of my foot. I really cannot deal with this pain. I used to just cringe and bear it, but now I am truly limping with every step. Because I have no thyroid now, my metabolism is already screwed up and not being able to exercise, my weight will NOT drop and is only going up. Without personally seeing my foot, do you think ESWT would help me? It is all so confusing! I am seeing another podiatrist tomorrow and hope he may care. ANY suggestions or advice are appreciated! Thanks!


Re: Trying again - no repsonse 1st time - need help from doctors!

Dr. Z on 1/25/05 at 21:55 (167944)


Did we talk via my e-mail footcare@ comcast.net.? I may have you mixed up. Sorry. I am not 100% sure about the relationship between your thyroid cancer or synthroid medication.

As far as ESWT and treating plantar fasciitis. It is very effective with a proper diagnosis and ultrasound evaluation. Six steriod injections is way too many injections and can cause degeneration of the plantar fascia and or rupture.
I believe you are close to my office in Woodbury, New Jersey . I would be very happy to evaluate your feet and determine what is the best treatment option for you. Just give my office a call @ 1-856-848-3338. Feel free to ask any additional questions you may have

Re: Trying again - no repsonse 1st time - need help from doctors!

Darlene on 1/26/05 at 12:06 (167980)

I read somewhere that there is a relationship between thyroid illness and nerve pain.

Re: Trying again - no repsonse 1st time - need help from doctors!

Lori S. on 2/02/05 at 23:22 (168361)


I have hypothyroidism, and it is a common ailment to anyone with fluctuating tsh to have tendon problems, as well as the many other pleasurable things that come with thyroid problems.....like being overtired, weight gain, muscle spasms, slow metabolism, carpal tunnel, etc. I have had ESWT, and tho, one foot has started to bother me again, I think I made the right choice, as before I couldnt hardly walk. I am not a doctor, but my doctor as well as my podiatrist agree it does play a factor in my plantar fascitis. Theres alot of good support groups on about.com for thyroid patients, and alot of information too.
Best wishes,