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Update on Julie

Posted by wendyn on 1/25/05 at 21:33 (167940)

I did receive an update on Julie today. She is out of the hospital and recovering at home. The surgery went well - her problem was from a broken piece of disc, not a neurofibroma as feared. The problems has been fixed and her pain is already much better.

She doesn't think she'll be able to be around the board too much while she's getting better, but I'm sure she'll get around to posting when she can.

Re: Update on Julie

Dorothy on 1/26/05 at 00:52 (167955)

Thank you, Wendy, for letting us know. That is very good news and I'm glad to hear this, as I'm sure everyone will be.

Re: Update on Julie

Carole C in NOLA on 1/26/05 at 12:34 (167982)

That is great news! Glad to hear that her pain is lessened and that she is on the mend.

Carole C