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P.T. for post open planter fascittis surgery

Posted by ray on 1/25/05 at 22:08 (167950)

its been 8 mo sence my p f surgery fooot is getting better but i still feel like i have a tight band under my foot whare the surgery was no im finally getting my med ins ill be asking the pcp to send me for phy thepary also the top back of my calf has been hurting along with the back of my heel doc will phy therphy help to releave thies problem the back of my heal started right after the surgery and before the surgery my calf got tight off and on and planter pain usually followed but the calf pain is different now ,now its sore before surgery it was tight so doctor is phy therphy a good idia

Re: P.T. for post open planter fascittis surgery

Dr. Z on 1/26/05 at 21:29 (168015)

Physical therapy will help relieve tightness, and pain. Make sure your doctor determines that you have no clots in your calf, rare but needs to be evaluated. IF any doubt get an ultrasound