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Posted by Pennilu on 1/26/05 at 00:43 (167954)

In 1990 and 1992 I had heel spur surgery and plantar fascia release on each foot, respectively. However, over the years I have continued to have much pain and trouble walking, increasing over time and as I gain weight. A couple years ago, I went to another podiatrist in the area where I now live and told him of my foot history. He told me that he did not think there was anything more he could do to help me, because I had been through just about everything. He said he thought I should have a thorough work-up for 'fibromyalgia' since he had been discovering more and more a link between patients with complaints similar to mine and a diagnoses for that illness. Do you, or does anyone know if this is in fact the case... that the two may be related (in some cases)? Is there any study being done about this? Please advise, as I am quite interested. Thanks!


Martin on 1/28/05 at 12:40 (168097)


First I should say that I'm not a doctor. I have however had various mysterious foot problems for about ten years. This last year they became very bad and I also had problems with my achilles, back, elbows, wrists, neck, as well as chronic fatigue etc. I've been through the mill with seeing specialists and having tests which have so far all proved negative - most signifiantly there's NO evidence of any inflammation. The doctors now finally seem to be thinking it's some sort of 'fibromyalgia type' syndrome, although they won't give me a formal diagnosis (I think there's still quite a bit of reluctance about fully admitting that such a syndrome exists within the medical profession!). My podiatrist says she's also seen other people with fibromyalgia and foot problems.

If you think this is the case with you, there are many options. Personally I can trace my problems back to a trip to India where I picked up a parasite and also overdosed on anti-biotics. I guess I'll never know exactly what it did to my system, but it did something, and hence all my joint problems since. I'm now treating it with anti-parasitic herbs, 'leaky gut' medication (there's loads on the internet about this), and, although it takes a long time, it does seem to be working. I can't say I'm there yet... but not far off!

I think it's fairly standard thought now, at least in the alternative field, that fibromyalgia/ME can be caused by candia, parasites and the like. The other treatment to look at is something called Guai therapy - although I can't speak from experience on this.

Hope maybe some of this is useful to you. Good luck!