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Julie - One last thing

Posted by Dorothy on 1/26/05 at 16:02 (168004)

Julie -
I forgot to add this: I heard a report recently that the kind of audiocassettes we are all familiar with are no longer going to be produced. The audiocassette will be a thing of the past, I guess...

So I've been thinking as I read The Healing Power of Yoga that you/your publisher should do the breathing tape as a CD that is included WITH the book. You have probably purchased books that include a CD as I have and that would be a neat combination for your book. I recently purchased a mediatation book with CD, for example. Just a thought....

Now, I'm going to resign from my self-appointed role as Hawker and Endorser of Julie's Book and just enjoy the reading of it.

(Anna Karenina? Great and wonderful - but is this an indication of the expected length of your convalescence? Hey! Hey! Get mending! I have book and CD projects in mind for you... :-) )

Re: Dorothy

Julie on 1/27/05 at 05:06 (168023)

Wow, Dorothy. I am overwhelmed. Of course I would be pleased if Scott wanted to sell it, and/or the other books, and/or the tape. Mostly, though, I am thrilled that you like it, and I hope it will be of ongoing use to you as you deal with your problems - which I am so sorry to have been the occasion of worsening! :) I hope you're much better now.

Meanwhile, anyone who would like to buy the book(s) or the tape from me, is welcome to email me at juliefried @ clara.co. uk (omit spaces).

Yes, I know I have to do a CD, and will get round to it one of these days: your nudge in that direction is appreciated. It's no problem: the firm that manufactures the tape can do it in no time. But I have to write, design, and print a sleeve, and that takes some organising. I also want to do a Yoga Nidra CD - a project I will get on with soon too.

I read half of Anna Karenina in hospital and am well into the second half. It's a marvellous new translation, by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokohnsky, much better than the others I'm familiar with. Clear, lucid yet dense, bringing out all the emotional nuances. A great, great book. Did you know that when William Faulkner was asked what he considered the three greatest novels of all time, he replied 'Anna Karenina, Anna Karenina, and Anna Karenina'.

Thanks, Dorothy, for all you've said, and for your support. It does my heart good. And don't worry: I am mending. I've felt under the weather the last couple of days - tired and still shedding the effects of the general anaesthetic, but feel pretty much myself today and have almost no pain. Soon I'll feel a fake on my sofa, but my husband is unlikely to let me off it for a little while, at least. He gets cross at me for spending too much time at the computer, so I'll sign off now.